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Helen Mirren Wears the Same Dress 7 Times!

Say what? The 69-year-old actress has no shame in her fashion game and proudly repeats her designer frock.

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College Football Offseason: Top O-Lines in College Football

Sports Illustrated's Ben Glicksman and Colin Becht break down who the best offensive linemen in college football will be in the 2015 season.

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Fishy Smell Shown To Boost Critical Thinking In Humans

A new study has shown that exposure to a fishy smell can make people more suspicious, raising their level of critical thinking skills.

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Diana Douglas, 1st wife of Kirk Douglas, dies at 92

Diana Douglas, first wife of Kirk Douglas and mother of Michael, dies at 92

Summer Musts For Looking Summer Sexy With Lynette Cenee & Arika Sato

Summer is here, and we are talking about tips on looking sexy in the sun. BeautyCon's Lynette Cenee and Arika Sato share their tips: everything from eyebrows to strobing and contouring.

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Mitt Romney comments on Donald Trump

Mitt Romney addresses Donald Trump's recent comments about immigrants. CNN's Fredricka Whitfield and MJ Lee report.

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Class, Age and Ideology Split Greece Ahead of Referendum

Greek voters are evenly split between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to creditors’ bailout demands, according to opinion polls. This film looks at the differences between those in each camp.

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America ushers in July 4 with hot dogs, hot music, cool beer

Hot dogs, hot music and cool beer: A look at Fourth of July festivities around the country

Panama too drops out of Trump's Miss Universe pageant

Panama joins list of countries dropping out of Trump's Miss Universe pageant

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Back Together?

Eleven years after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called it quits, fans of the former couple are getting the ultimate throwback Thursday with a new report claiming they became closer leading up to the split of Jennifer Garner and the Oscar winner. According to the report, the friendship rekindled back in February when the two presented at the Oscars. A few months earlier, Lopez caused a social media frenzy when she posted a pic at Ben's full frontal film with the caption, "Feet up...movie night!!! #GoneGirl."

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Bolivia's Wall Of Dinosaur Footprints

After being closed for 8 years the largest display of preserved dinosaur footprints in the world is once again welcoming tourists.

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Everything You Know About The 4th Of July Is Wrong

Get this, we're not even celebrating it on the right day. Here's why everything you thought you knew about the 4th of July is wrong.

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Funeral for Mormon leader Boyd K. Packer slated for Friday

Funeral for Mormon leader Boyd K. Packer to be held next week at Tabernacle on Temple Square

Benedict XVI is honored for keen devotion to church music

Retired pontiff gets honorary degree at vacation retreat for his deep love for sacred music

Trump: No one wants to talk immigration

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed the recent shooting of a woman in San Francisco was the direct result of "tremendous crime" being caused by illegal immigration.

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MasterCard Wants To Let You Purchase Items By Taking Selfies

MasterCard is developing a new app that will let customers confirm purchases using facial recognition.

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Nintendo Won't Abandon Wii U When NX Releases - IGN News

While house of Mario is "eager to continue" its games business with NX, it has no intention of immediately dropping support for the prior generation

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Friends trying to hand off rice cooker cause scare at casino

Friends trying to hand off rice cooker in casino parking lot cause brief security scare

Boomer: NHL Expanding to Toronto and Seattle Makes All the Sense in the World

Sports Illustrated's Boomer Esiason explains why he believes the NHL's plan for expansion should begin with the Arizona Coyotes being relocated to Las Vegas, and then expanding to the cities of Toronto and Seattle.

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Slain woman's parents focused on healing, not 'sanctuary'

Parents of woman slain at San Francisco pier focused on healing, not 'sanctuary' law

Solar-powered plane due to land in Hawaii after 5-day flight

Solar-powered airplane due to land in Hawaii after 5-day flight from Japan

Top 10 Grumpy TV Characters

Get off my lawn! Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Grumpy Characters in TV.

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Officials: Suspected killer had been deported 5 times

Law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander joins CNN's Alison Kosik to discuss why the suspected killer of a San Francisco woman was illegally in the country after being deported five previous times.

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