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Which Popular Cars Have The Most Recalls?

Facing unexpected safety hazards, owners now must factor in lost time as they take their vehicles to the dealer. Wouldn't it be nice to steer away from cars that are more likely to get recalled?

Experience the Power of FiOS Quantum TV

Upgrade your DVR to store up to 200 hours of HD content, record more shows at the same time, and pause, play and rewind live TV in any room in your house with a set-top box.

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Say What? Oprah Winfrey Talks Poop!

The media mogul is a pro at cleaning up after her dogs. Hear all the dirty details.

Classic Movies To Get You In The Holiday Shopping Spirit

Want to find out where you're going wrong with the holiday budget? Hollywood has the answers, in black and white or technicolor!

Cutler Benching Prelude To Trade?

NFL Insider Mark Dominik explains how the Chicago Bears could convert QB Jay Cutler's salary and why the decision to bench Cutler and keep him healthy will pay off down the road if Chicago decides to cut or trade Cutler.

Freshpet's 'Holiday Feast' Video Is A Viral Success

Dogs and cats can apparently put their differences aside during the holidays just like the rest of us. Pet food company, Freshpet recently posted a video online, showing 13 dogs and one feline gathered around a dining room table.

'Sorority Sisters' draws criticism, loses sponsors

VH1 stands by 'Sorority Sisters,' labeled offensive by critics; some sponsors drop the show

Brad Pitt Rejected From Jury for Being a Distraction

Can you imagine being on a jury with Brad Pitt?! Of course it would be distracting! Brad was summoned to a courtroom in Los Angeles, but he was turned away.

Bears bench QB Jay Cutler for Clausen

Chicago Bears bench franchise QB Jay Cutler, Clausen to start against Lions

Get Rewarded Today

At Verizon we appreciate great customers like you. To say thank you we created My Rewards+, the loyalty program that rewards you for the things you do every day. Join Now.

Unforgettable Holiday Cookie Recipes

’Tis the season for best-in-show desserts, and a batch of homemade cookies is the perfect holiday gift for the friends, neighbors, and schoolteachers in our lives. Sandwich walnut cookies, allergy-friendly molasses cookies, and sparkling vanilla sandwich cookies will do the trick for all your cookie-giving needs.

Young immigrants allowed to get driver's licenses

Court stops Arizona from denying driver's licenses to immigrants protected from deportation

Timeline of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

Timeline of key events in the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

Midday Mashup: Birthday Gifts and ‘Blue Steel’ Faces

In this edition, the “Good Morning America” team redecorates Robin Roberts’ dressing room for her upcoming birthday, and Robin Meade and Bob Van Dillen from “Morning Express” practice their “Blue Steel” faces in honor of the “Zoolander” sequel that’s in the works.

Elton John, Long-Time Partner To Marry In England

Pop icon Elton John will wed his partner of more than 20 years this weekend in England

Rob Lowe Speaks Out On Cancellation Of ‘The Interview'

Rob Lowe recently shared his feelings about Sony Pictures’ decision to cancel the December 25th premier of the film ‘The Interview’.

How To Make Sautéed Sole With Tapenade

Today’s recipe is for sautéed sole with tapenade.

Judge: Slender Man stabbing defendants competent

Judge rules 2 Wisconsin girls competent to stand trial in Slender Man stabbing

'Team America' screenings also pulled from theaters

'Team America' screenings, added after 'The Interview' cancellation, also pulled from theaters

Don't Panic, But Japan's McDonalds Is Running Out of French Fries

Sure the Russian economy may be tanking — but starting Wednesday, McDonald’s in Japan will no longer serve large and medium orders of fries.

Broken treetop hanging on wire gets holiday decor

Some Washington state residents decorate broken treetop dangling from wire as Christmas tree

Why Aaron Rodgers' Poor Performance Was Good for the Packers

On Pro Football Now, Super Bowl champion Amani Toomer, Sports Illustrated senior writer Don Banks, and NFL writer Andrew Perloff discuss Aaron Rodgers' poor performance against the Buffalo Bills and what it means for the Green Bay Packers going forwa