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Memphis Pays Final Tribute To Blues Legend B.B. King

The city where B.B. King got his musical start paid final tribute to the blues guitar master Wednesday, as thousands walking in the rain with his hearse shouted, "long live the king!"

Experience The Power Of The FiOS Quantum Gateway Router

Our best, most powerful router with a Wi-Fi range up to 325 feet and super-fast surfing. Only from Verizon.

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Kim Kardashian West Goes Topless for Sexy Shoot

The blond beauty shows off her killer curves for 'Vogue Brazil'--check out the hot pics! Plus, will Bruce Jenner fight back against a wrongful death suit?

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Oh, Brother: Twins Charged With Hurling Bricks At Each Other

Oh, brother: Man and his twin hurt hurling bricks at each other during argument, police say.

Report: Braves Trade Alberto Callaspo to Dodgers for Juan Uribe in 6-Player

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that Atlanta is sending infielder Alberto Callaspo to LA in exchange for third baseman Juan Uribe.

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K-9 Rescues Deputy From An Attack By Three Men

A Hancock County, Mississippi deputy survived a brutal attack by 3 men, and he has his faithful K-9 companion Lucas to thank.

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Tracy Morgan settles suit with Wal-Mart over fatal crash

Tracy Morgan, Wal-Mart settle lawsuit over highway crash that injured him, killed his friend

Lamar Odem Says He Could Get Back Together With Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odem is not ready to give up on his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, but is she ready to start things back up again?

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Are the Duggars hypocrites?

The Duggars were more than reality television, they stood for conservative family values. CNN's Kyung Lah looks at their political capital and hypocrisy.

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Record And Store More With FiOS Quantum TV

Record up to 12 shows at the same time and store up to 200 hours of HD content with FiOS Quantum TV.

Haggling Over Salary May Be a Thing of the Past

Some startup companies are making take it-or-leave it salary offers to prospective employees to foster transparency and fairness.

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A closer look at those killed in Texas, Oklahoma weather

A closer look at some of the dead in flooding and tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma

Molestation claim against Michael Jackson's estate dismissed

Choreographer's molestation claim against Michael Jackson's estate dismissed by judge

Duggar Scandal Bleeds Into 2016 Republican Presidential Campaigns

It remains to be seen if the public will ever forgive the Duggar family in the wake of its eldest son Josh’s disturbing child-molestation admission. And now the scandal is bleeding into the 2016 Republican presidential campaigns, with photos all over social media showing Josh posing cheek-to-cheek with almost all the candidates. Out of the Republicans who have announced their bids, fellow Arkansas native Mike Huckabee is so far the only one to pledge his support for the Duggars — whom he has known for nearl

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Study: Ethiopian Fossils Indicate New Forerunner Of Humans

Fossil jaws and teeth show Lucy's species was not alone in Africa, study says.

U2's Tour Manager Suffers Fatal Heart Attack In L.A. Hotel Room

Dennis Sheehan, the man that has been U2’s tour manager for over 30 years, suffered a fatal heart attack in his Los Angeles hotel room.

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The Science of Fat Burning

Shane Allen from explains all the scientific details on how your body processes fatty and sugary foods and what you can do to get your figure ready for the summer.

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Closings start in ex-US Senate candidate's voting law trial

Closing arguments start in elections law trial of ex-US Senate candidate Annette Bosworth

U2's longtime tour manager, Dennis Sheehan, found dead

U2's longtime tour manager found dead after band kicks off Los Angeles-area stint

You won't believe this sweet sixteen birthday

You won't believe how this girl's sweet sixteen birthday was ruined on this edition of the Ridiculist.

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Know Right Now: Bugged Text Messes with iPhones

IPhones are reportedly shutting down when sent a specific text message from any device.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough Part 09 - Bloody Baron

IGN guides you through Bloody Baron, one of the main quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For more on Wild Hunt, check out our full wiki on IGN @

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Sea lion impaled with spear rescued in Southern California

Sea lion impaled by homemade spear is recovering after being rescued off Southern California

Colin Kaepernick Apologizes for Instagram Post About Houston Storms

Colin Kaepernick apologized Tuesday for an "insensitive post" he made on Instagram joking about the storms in Houston.

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