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New Lottery Tickets Come With A Side Of Bacon...Scent

New Hampshire scratch-off lottery tickets come with a side of bacon...scent

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Roger Goodell Runs 'Chopped Canada'

Chicago Bear Martellus Bennett goes off on the NFL commissioner. Plus, Terrell Suggs sees his dream retirement stolen by a YouTuber.

Teen Killed By Police Had Prior Citation

Records: Teen killed by Denver police previously cited for eluding officer, resisting arrest

Raptors Win In OT

Despite 35 points and 13 assists by Jarrett Jack, Toronto outscored Brooklyn 14-9 in overtime to win 127-122.

U.S. Army Deletes 'Chinks In Armor' Tweet

While posting about armor, the U.S. Army used the term "chinks" to describe faults within the suit, causing outrage amongst Twitter users.

Imagine Dragons' bassist: Don't make Seahawks the hero

Imagine Dragons' bassist rooting for Patriots so that Seahawks aren't branded as heroes

Celebrities Hilariously Take Blame for Deflategate on Jimmy Kimmel

We finally know who to blame for the whole deflategate fiasco and it isn't Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. The Super Bowl bound Patriots have been accused of deflating footballs in their AFC championship win over the Indianapolis Colts. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel was able to persuade a few very famous faces to confess to their involvement in the scandal.

Serena Williams wins 6th Australian, 19th major title

Serena Williams beats Sharapova to win 6th Australian Open, 19th Grand Slam singles title

Experience The Power Of FiOS Quantum TV

Upgrade your DVR to store up to 200 hours of HD content, record more shows at the same time, and pause, play and rewind live TV in any room in your house with a set-top box.

Evening Skincare Routine in 5 Steps

Want beautiful, flawless, blemish free skin? Daisy Schwartzberg, Martha's makeup artist, shares her 5 step evening skincare routine that will have you fresh-faced and ready for bed in no time!

San Francisco police detain man in human remains case

San Francisco police detain man for questioning in case of human remains found in luggage

White House Grapples With Fraught Terrorism Language

White House grapples with politically fraught language of terrorism threats

New Long-Necked Dinosaur Found In China

A new species of long-necked dinosaur has been found in China. Skeletal remains indicate that half its body was its neck which was lightened with air-filled vertebrae and could move well up-and-down.

Wrigley Field Renovation Brings Rats to the Neighborhood

All the renovations at Chicago's Wrigley Field are creating headaches for the people in the surrounding neighborhood. Residents say the area is being overrun by legions of rats, even in daylight, since the construction started.

After historic balloon journey, crew plans landing Saturday

After record-setting balloon journey, US-Russian crew plans landing Saturday in Mexico

Not Going To the Super Bowl May Still Cost You More Than $75

The National Retail Federation estimates the average person not going to the game will spend an average of more than $75 on clothes, food and even a new TV.

Pro wrestler cheats at Wing Bowl, hides food in fanny pack

Pro wrestler Mick Foley booted for cheating at Wing Bowl by hiding uneaten wings in fanny pack

Memphis Grizzlies Guard Vince Carter Injures Left Foot

Grizzlies guard Vince Carter injured his left foot in the second quarter of Memphis' win over the Denver Nuggets on Thursday.

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Quotations in the News