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Why A Fox News Anchor Wants $5M Over A Hamster

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner is suing over this little hamster that...

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Don't Miss Mayweather Vs. Berto On PPV

Witness history as Floyd Mayweather puts his undefeated record on the line against the dangerous Andre Berto. Saturday, 9/12 – live on Verizon FiOS Pay-Per-View. Order now!

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Justin Bieber Explains Why He Cried at the MTV VMAs

Justin got emotional after his performance and insists 'it was authentic.' Listen in.

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Windows 10 has launched and will hide your Internet Explorer.

Windows® 10 new browser, Edge, replaces your homepage, removes your bookmarks, shortcuts and Internet Explorer icons. We can help recover your Internet settings.

Reports: Ohio State QB Cardale Jones Taken to Hospital with Migraine

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones was taken to the hospital Wednesday night with a migraine.

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Arby's Apologizes After Cop Was Allegedly Refused Service

Arby's issued an apology after a Florida officer was briefly denied service for being a cop.

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At Venice fest, 'Spotlight' exposes sex abuse by priests

Pedophile priest drama 'Spotlight' plays Venice, may make uncomfortable viewing for Vatican

Justin Bieber Says He Cried at VMAs Because He Messed Up His Performance

Justin Bieber got a bit emotional during his comeback performance at the VMA’s this past sunday, and while many thought the pop star was just caught up in the moment, turns out he had another reason for shedding the tears.

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Bayern Munich sets up training camp for refugee children

Bayern sets up training camp for refugee kids, commits $1.1 million towards EU migrant crisis

Jeb Bush answers a voters question about 'the border' and 'immigration'

Governor Jeb Bush and a New Hampshire voter got into a back and forth about, Mexico, the border, and immigration

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'Frozen' Sequel And Disney Connections

The co-director of Frozen talks about the upcoming sequel and the rumored...

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Migrant Crisis: The Schengen Agreement Explained

The Schengen Agreement, an arrangement that allows the free movement of European citizens between 26 countries across the continent, is under threat. The Wall Street Journal's George Downs explains why.

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Attorney general: Woman who died in jail was being monitored

Attorney General: South Dakota woman who died in jail was closely monitored

Dean Jones, boyish Disney star, dies at 84

Dean Jones, boyish star of 'Love Bug' and other Disney films, dies at age 84

Justin Bieber Skateboards to 'Tonight Show' Appearance

Justin Bieber is hell on wheels! The 21-year-old appeared on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night but before he sat down with Jimmy Fallon to talk about crying at the VMAs, Justin showed off his skateboarding tricks outside of 30 Rock in New York. Wearing sneakers, ripped jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt that he wore half-on and half-off - baring his abs and Calvin Kleins - the Biebs wowed the crowd with his skills.

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Upgrade To Even Faster FiOS Quantum Internet Speeds

More devices? More streaming? More Gaming? Get more speed and better performance. Click to learn more.

This Sea Creature Colony Is A 'Multi-Jet Swimming Machine'

New research describes how members of a jellyfish-like species form a coordinated unit to propel themselves through the water by placing the smaller ones in front to steer and the bigger ones behind them to act as the engine.

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High School Football Player's Rigorous Fitness Regimen Sparks Controversy

An in-depth profile of a 14-year-old high school football player in New Jersey has sparked concerns he is being "engineered" to be the perfect athlete.

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US: Military, diplomatic families can leave Turkey base area

US: Military, diplomatic families can leave Incirlik area, as security threat grows in Turkey

Modigliani nude masterpiece could bring $100M at NYC auction

Modigliani masterpiece of female nude could bring $100 million at Christie's auction in NYC

Inside the life of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Selling flowers on the streets of Beirut, these two Ahmeds share a name, the loss of their fathers and their hometown of Aleppo. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh has their story.

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Amazon Prime Adds a Feature Netflix Lacks: Video Downloads

Amazon Prime Video will now let you download videos and watch them offline, which is something Netflix lacks.

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Spielberg Predicts the End of Superhero Movies - IGN News

John Wayne and Captain America may have something in common. That is, if Steven Spielberg's prediction on the superhero movie genre proves true.

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New Hampshire pulls bartending guides for sexual drink names

New Hampshire recalls bartending guides when workers complain of sexually explicit drink names

Reports: Ohio State QB Cardale Jones Taken to Hospital with Migraine

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones was taken to the hospital Wednesday night with a migraine.

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