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Northeast Braces For Massive Snowstorm

Blizzard-like conditions possible in Northeast's next storm on heels of weekend snowfall

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What Are Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Feuding About?

The Marvel superheroes have a falling out! Find out about their new rivalry. Plus, check out Lea Michele's 'Let It Go' fail!

How Many Mobile Devices Is Too Many?

Some experts say we're already weighed down by a glut of gadgets, and going on a device diet could put hundreds of dollars back in our pockets

Heat Overpower Bulls

Dwyane Wade scored 26 points and Hassan Whiteside had 12 blocks in Miami's 96-84 win over the Chicago Bulls.

There Are No Doors In This Indian Village

A village in India has no doors due to residents’ beliefs that a local deity protects them and their unsecured valuables from harm.

Sundance Watch: 'Cobain' premieres, women talk Hollywood

Sundance Watch: Cobain, 'Harry Met Sally' for a new generation premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Kemp Dating Amber Rose, Rubs It in Ex Rihanna's Face

It’s time to add another chapter to the Matt Kemp and Rihanna saga. Did the San Diego Padres star purposely flirt with another woman in front of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna? A source tells The Fumble exclusively, “Amber Rose and Matt Kemp were getting cozy at the bar of the Chateau Marmont,” the famous West Hollywood hotel. And Kemp had no problem doing it right in front of Rihanna.

Tavares scores 4, Team Toews outscores Team Foligno, 17-12

Tavares scores record-tying 4, Team Toews beats Foligno 17-12 in highest-scoring All-Star game

Experience The Power Of FiOS Quantum TV

Upgrade your DVR to store up to 200 hours of HD content, record more shows at the same time, and pause, play and rewind live TV in any room in your house with a set-top box.

DIY Handcrafted Wooden Candle Holders

Transform wooden feet for your sofa into beautiful modern candle holders. They add a simple yet elegant touch to your mantle or dinner table.

Blizzard expected for 250-mile stretch of Northeast

Blizzard warnings issued in Northeast as forecasters predict 2 to 3 feet in some areas

SAG Awards kick off with wins for 'Orange Is the New Black'

Screen Actors Guild Awards kick off with wins for 'Orange Is the New Black,' Arquette

Residents: Police Shortage Is A Security Risk For Mardi Gras

Trouble in New Orleans: Crime on rise in Quarter, police ranks depleted and Mardi Gras is here

Why Do We Sneeze In Multiples

It is common to sneeze multiple times, either because the irritant is still in the air or because of each action isn’t as forceful as needed.

How Much Would You Spend on the World's Largest BBQ?

A BBQ pit about the size of a whale is on sale for $350,000.

Federal judge stays Alabama gay marriage ruling for 2 weeks

Federal judge stays Ala. gay marriage ruling 2 weeks, refuses to put it on indefinite hold

Courtney Love, Frances Bean appear together at Sundance

Courtney Love, Frances Bean make rare appearance together at Sundance 'Cobain' premiere

Skymall Grounded: In-Flight Catalog Files for Bankruptcy

Skymall and its parent company, Xhibit Corp. filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday, seeking a court supervised sale of their assets.

NASA and Microsoft Collaboration Will Allow Scientists to 'Work on Mars'

NASA and Microsoft have teamed up to work on a software called OnSight, which will allow scientists to work virtually on Mars via wearable technology.

Zoo offers creepy way for lovelorn to get even with exes

San Francisco Zoo takes bite out of Valentine's Day with scorpion, cockroach adoptions

Some Cavaliers Players Lost Faith Before Recent Trades

Cleveland Cavaliers players said they had lost faith in the team before a pair of recent trades, according to a report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer .

Airlines prepare to shut down in Northeast for snowstorm

Airlines prepare to shut down in Northeast for snowstorm, allowing passengers to reschedule