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7 Things You Didn't Know

It goes without saying that the Back to the Future is one of the most well-known movies of all-time, but even beloved classics can have plenty of surprises.

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Did You Miss Ray Donovan?

Catch up on both 'Ray Donovan' and 'Masters of Sex' on Showtime Anytime before the new seasons premiere July 12.

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Hannah Davis Is a Red, White and Blue Bikini Babe

The 'Sports Illustrated' cover model strips down in celebration of July 4th.

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What Has Kim Kardashian Done To Spark Outrage Now?

Kim Kardashian has a very prestigious speaking engagement tonight, but some members of the organization are outraged she’ll even be attending.

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Vikings' Josh Robinson Tweets Disapproval of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

After the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling on Friday, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson posted a series of tweets comparing gay marriage to pedophilia and incest.

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Study Links Sugary Beverage Consumption To 184,000 Deaths A Year

A recent study has found that an estimated 184,000 adults around the world die from diseases linked to the consumption of sugary beverages each year.

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Misty Copeland named first black female principal at ABT

Misty Copeland named first black female principal at ABT

Heidi Klum Thinks of Her 27 Year Old Boyfriend When Posing in Underwear

Heidi Klum has a secret and steamy weapon when posing in her underwear for the camera. the 42 year old model thinks about her 27 year old boyfriend.

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Who put a handprint on the Declaration of Independence?

Chris Moody investigates how a handprint got onto the lower left corner of the Declaration of Independence at some point in the last 238 years.

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Mandela’s Widow on Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

Graça Machel, the former first lady of South Africa and widow of Nelson Mandela, spoke to WSJ’s Neanda Salvaterra in May about attacks on foreigners in South Africa and the need for governments to address poverty and inequality.

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Hawaii OKs traditional burials involving burned corpses

Bill ensures Native Hawaiians can practice ancient tradition in which body cleansed in fire

Donna Karan stepping down as chief designer for her company

Donna Karan will step down from daily responsibilities as chief designer of her company

Kylie Jenner Moves Into $2.7 Million Mansion

It’s moving day for Kylie Jenner! The 17-year-old posted a pic to Instagram on Monday of her and her big sis inside the pad that she’s been renovating for months. “Don’t you wish your move in crew looked like mine,” she wrote alongside the snapshot. “We’re finally neighbors!!!! Moving day!!!!” Khloé captioned the same pic. The youngest Jenner has talked about her $2.7 million mansion in the past, telling E! News that she has her mom to thank for the killer décor. “My mom is so amazing at this."

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Oddly-Shaped Perfume Bottle Leads To Courthouse Evacuation

Perfume bottle shaped like World War II grenade prompts Cincinnati courthouse evacuation.

Obama's Approval Rating Climbs To Highest Point In Past Two Years

Last week was a particularly good one for President Obama and his approval rating reflects his accomplishments.

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More Potentially Dangerous Sea Creatures Found Along Jersey Shore

More Portuguese Man o'war are making their way onto New Jersey beaches prompting concern from officials.

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Girl Scouts refuse $100,000 anti-transgender donation

Washington state Girls Scouts council refuses $100K donation with anti-transgender restriction

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck say they're getting divorced

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck say they've decided to divorce after 10 years of marriage

Greece defaults on $1.7 billion payment

Greece is the first ever developed country to default on a loan it owes to the International Monetary Fund. CNN's Richard Quest reports.

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Obama Looks to Expand Overtime Coverage

President Obama wants to raise the overtime threshold for workers to $50,000 a year, up from the current benchmark of $23,660.

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Shovel Knight Coming to Retail - IGN News

Shovel Knight is awesome. If you haven't played it because you were hoping for a physical copy, good news.

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Grenade-shaped perfume bottle leads to courthouse evacuation

Perfume bottle shaped like World War II grenade prompts Cincinnati courthouse evacuation

Lada Kravchenko, SI Swimsuit 2016 Casting Call

Meet model Lada Kravchenko casting to be in the SI Swimsuit 2016 issue

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