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This Housewife May Be One Of ISIS' Greatest…

A self-described housewife, Wahida Mohamed has been fighting ISIS, and before that Al-Qaida, for years. She says they've tried to kill her many times but she keeps fighting.

NASA: Water Plumes Spotted On Jupiter's Moon

NASA says its astronomers may have spotted water vapor plumes erupting on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Top 10 Superhero Origin Story Movies

Every hero has to start somewhere. Welcome to and today we’re looking at the Top 10 Superhero Origin Story Movies.

Cutout of Trump's Head Doesn't Qualify You For…

The Washington State Police tweeted a picture of someone trying to get around not having another person in the HOV lane by using a cutout of Donald Trump's head. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the details.

The Banned Book List Hints At What Americans Find…

The list of the most challenged books in America shows more books are opposed for their diverse topics.

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Upgrade To Even Faster Fios Quantum Internet…

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Aledmys Diaz hits first grand slam in honor of…

After returning from childhood friend Jose Fernandez's funeral, Aledmys Diaz honored him with the first grand slam of his career.

World's Spiciest Chip Is Only Available One Per…

Some people thrive on eating extremely spicy food, but there is a new product that could challenge even their tolerance for heat. An Austin-based company named Paqui is set to release a limited-edition chip that is considered so hot, only one chip is included in a pack.

Kate Hudson Shows off Her Amazing Singing Voice

Wait wait wait! Kate Hudson says she’s going to dabble into the music world. Turns out, the actress is actually a fantastic singer!

Mickelson promises prepared US team at Ryder Cup

Phil Mickelson criticized another Ryder Cup captain in explaining why this American team at least will be prepared to play its best

'In Nigeria, you can have a naira and a dream'

Lagos-based Wilson's Juice was set up by two brothers in 2010 for $5 -- now the company is worth millions and the brand is a household name.

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Experience The Power Of The Fios Quantum Gateway…

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APNewsBreak: Autopsy of woman found dead in freezer amended

A medical examiner says an exit button inside an Atlanta hotel where a worker was found dead failed to work during an inspection, trapping two people who had to beat on the door to alert someone to let them out

Trump Supporter Verbally Attacks CNN Reporter

Randi Kaye speaks to Donald Trump supporters gathered at the airport in Melbourne, Florida.

Scientists Say There May Be A Hidden Ocean On…

Is there an ocean under Pluto's surface? A new study suggests that there may indeed be one beneath the dwarf planet's surface.

Girl Undergoes Surgery To Remove Infected Jaw…

Mimi Morales, one of 22 children hospitalized with serious bacterial infections following a common dental procedure at Children's Dental Group in Anaheim, Calif., underwent surgery to remove an infected jaw bone.

State health agency spokeswoman resigns over debate tweets

The lead spokeswoman for North Dakota's Health Department has resigned over comments she accidentally posted on the agency's Twitter account during Monday night's presidential debate

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MH17 downed by missile brought in from Russia

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine by a Buk missile brought in from Russia to a pro-Russian area of eastern Ukraine, according to the head of the Dutch National Detective Force.

Jose Cuervo Might Go Public

The world’s largest tequila producer is looking to go public.The Mexican alcoholic beverage maker, Jose Cuervo filed a prospectus with the Mexican Stock Market

Fan drops ring during televised Yankee Stadium…

Andrew Fox had everything he needed to make one of life's biggest decisions: the engagement ring, the perfect woman and a beautiful night at Yankee Stadium, which focused a camera on the couple and broadcast the big moment on the center field video board