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Christie: Trump is wrong, but not 'useful' to 'pile on'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells CNN's Jamie Gangel that Donald Trump is wrong about Muslim's celebrating in New Jersey on September 11, 2001, but dismisses the idea of "piling on."

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NFL Knee Injuries Outweigh Concussions, But That's Not A Bad Thing

Oddly enough, it seems some NFL players are willing to risk their heads in favor of saving their knees.

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UNLV president says keep Rebel name; no ties to Confederacy

UNLV President Len Jessup says keep Rebel nickname; research concludes no ties to Confederacy

Japan Plans To Resume Whale Hunting Despite Controversy

In spring of 2014, the United Nations' International Court of Justice declared Antarctic Ocean whale hunting off limits. Since then, Japan has abided by the restriction, but this year plans to resume whaling missions in the region.

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US criticizes imprisonment of China media freedom activist

US criticizes imprisonment of China media freedom activist

NATO calls for calm over downed Russian jet

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg tells CNN's Hala Gorani that all countries need to remain calm amidst rising tensions over the downed Russian jet.

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Chicago police officer who fatally shot teen due in court

Chicago police officer who fatally shot teen 16 times due in court for bond hearing

Climate 'Changing Vanuatu Forever'

Only a few months after Vanuatu was hit hard by tropical cyclone Pam parts of country are suffering from drought.

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Pope Francis meets with Muslims in Central African Republic

Pope Francis says in Central African Republic there should be no violence in the name of God

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Planned Parenthood shooting suspect in court

Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear appears in court for the first time.

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Would-Be Burglar Dies After Getting Stuck In A Chimney

Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies say a 19-year-old tried to sneak into a California home through a chimney but got stuck and couldn't escape.

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Newspaper: California's top oil regulator resigning

Report: California's top oil regulator quitting after 17 months on job

Record $500,000 Check Found In Salvation Army Kettle

The Salvation Army has announced that a couple who wishes to remain anonymous slipped a record-high $500,000 check into one of its red donation kettles in Minnesota.

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Capitol Hill Buzz: New Speaker, new facial hair

Capitol Hill Buzz: New Speaker Ryan sports new look _ beard

Donald Trump: Black pastors meeting was 'amazing'

Donald Trump says his private meeting with a group of African-American pastors was successful and vowed to address issues in the African American community.

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Charges possible against men in Minneapolis protest shooting

Charges possible against men accused in shooting of 5 Minneapolis protesters

Climate Issues Dividing Rich and Poor

BBC News explains the key points dividing the rich and poor nations in the climate change debate.

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AP News Guide: Summit opens debate on ethics of gene editing

AP News Guide: International summit opens debate on the promise, ethics of human gene editing

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Donald Trump: Black pastors meeting a success

Donald Trump says his private meeting with a group of black pastors was successful and guaranteed he'd win the GOP presidential nomination.

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This Fungus Is Bad News For The World's Bananas

The type of bananas we know and love might die off. A disease has already hit about half of the world, and it's spreading.

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'Dorm-room chemist' pleads guilty in college drug overdoses

'Dorm-room chemist' linked to Wesleyan campus drug overdoses pleads guilty