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Bill Clinton campaigns against Bernie Sanders

Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail to join wife Hillary in her campaign against Sen. Bernie Sanders In advance of the New Hampshire primary. CNN's Joe Johns reports.

Michael Bloomberg Says He's Considering A Presidential Run

Michael Bloomberg told The Financial Times he's considering declaring his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race.

Inmate mistakenly released from Los Angeles jail recaptured

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says a murder suspect mistakenly released from jail last month has been captured in Nevada

Squirrel causes power outage for 5,500 people

A squirrel caused a power disruption in Tulsa, Oklahoma for over 5,500 people. Apparently that's not a rare occurrence. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

Tokyo Zoo Simulates Animal Escapes ... With Costumed Humans

For the Ueno Zoo, this is an annual occurrence.

Video Of Mother Helping Panda Cub Climb His First Tree Goes Viral

On February 8th, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute released a video on its Facebook page showing the panda cub Bei Bei climbing his first tree under the careful guidance of his mother Mei Xiang.

UN agency proposes greenhouse gas emissions rules for planes

A U.N. panel says it is proposing greenhouse gas emissions standards for planes that fly internationally beginning in 2020 for new aircraft designs and three years later for designs already in production

Syrian regime express optimism in civil war

Assad supporters are more optimistic than they have been in years with the regime's recent advances. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says mistakenly released jail inmate recaptured in Boulder City, Nevada

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says mistakenly released jail inmate recaptured in Boulder City, Nevada

Smartpatch Aims to Put Snoring to Bed

The Silent Partner claims to have come up with a solution for those sleeping with someone who snores.

Syrian forces make big gains in Aleppo

Syrian regime forces make big gains in the battle for Aleppo with Russian help. CNN's Hala Gorani reports.

Germany's Merkel in Turkey for talks over migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and other Turkish officials for talks on reducing the influx of migrants to Europe

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This man has shaken every candidate's hand since 1988

Bruce Schoenfeld travels to New Hampshire every four years to shake hands with presidential candidates. He hasn't missed one. Until this year.

Chipotle Closes For All-Employee Meeting, Gives Away Free Burritos

Chipotle bowed out of Monday's lunch rush to give employees a chance to meet about food safety and offered free burritos to win customers back.

Prosecutors to seek death in Memphis officer's shooting

Prosecutors said Monday they will seek the death penalty in the fatal shooting of a Memphis police officer earlier this year

Eli Manning's reaction to Peyton winning Super Bowl goes viral

Eli Manning's weird and emotionless reaction to his brother, Peyton, winning the Super Bowl has people going in on the New York Giants Quarterback. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

British Police Are Thinking Of Using Eagles As Drone Hunters

Britain isn't the only nation experimenting with creative ways to capture drones being used illegally.

Waterfront Restaurant Partially Collapses, No Serious Injuries Reported

Milano’s On the Lake, a popular waterfront restaurant in New South Wales, Australia, is closed indefinitely as a large portion of it collapsed into the water.

Trump aiming for New Hampshire win, rivals aim to survive

Trump aiming for first win in New Hampshire, while rivals plan to go on no matter the outcome

New England braces for snow ahead of primary

CNN's Jennifer Gray says many parts of New England are expecting significant snowfall, but it likely won't affect primary voting in New Hampshire.

Prosecutors to seek death in Memphis officer's shooting

Prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty in the fatal shooting of a Memphis police officer in August

Thousands of Refugees Left in Limbo

Turkey has come under pressure from European Union officials to let in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Former NAACP president on why he's endorsing Sanders

The former president of the NAACP spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper about why he's supporting Senator Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton.

Cyprus ends tender for medium-term gas supply

Cyprus' Natural Gas Company says it has closed the book on a bid for suppliers of natural gas to fire up its main power station