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Inside Iran's giant oil fields

In a CNN Exclusive report, CNN's John Defterios goes inside Iran's giant oil fields which officials hope will revitalize the country's economy.

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How Sean Connery Inspired Carly Simon's Solo Career

In her new book, Carly Simon claims that Sean Connery asked her and her sister Lucy to have a threesome in 1965, though he was married at the time.

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New Jersey weighing development at Liberty State Park

New Jersey considering development, including amusement park or hotel, at Liberty State Park

Paul Krugman Tried To Lighten Terrorism Column With Cat Pic

Renowned economist Paul Krugman’s recent New York Times column on terrorism has been getting extra attention because he decided to include a humorously doctored image of a white cat sitting amongst the president and senior White House officials as they watched the raid on Osama bin Laden.

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Arizona health insurance co-op to close shop Dec. 31

Arizona health insurance co-op to cease operations Dec. 31 after failing to get more financing

Pres. Hollande: "We must act"

French President Francois Hollande meets with world leaders, including President Obama this week to come together in ramped up efforts against ISIS.

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Chicago officer charged with murder in killing of black teen

White Chicago police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a black teenager

Putin: Jet Shooting Is Stab in the Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin fiercely condemns the downing of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border.

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Hostage-taking in French town ends, hostages safe

Officials say hostage-taking in northern French town ends and hostages are safe

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Trump repeats controversial 9/11 claim

Donald Trump claims he saw people jump from the Twin Towers on 9/11. CNN's Sara Murray reports.

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Turkey And Russia Weren't On Great Terms Before Downed Jet

There was already a lot of tension building between Russia and Turkey before the latter shot down a Russian jet.

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Korean War soldier's remains sent home decades after death

Korean War soldier's remains sent home 6 decades after death; greeted by 1 surviving relative

Diners At California Taco Bell Can Now Enjoy Valet Service

Diners at a California Taco Bell can now enjoy valet parking.

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U.S. cities boost security for busy travel week

The State Dept. issued a world-wide travel alert with concerns over the possibility of a Paris-style attack. CNN's Rene Marsh reports.

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Testimony near end in man's Facebook photo killing trial

Testimony near end in trial for man who shot wife, posted Facebook photo, claims self-defense

'I'd Rather Die as a Migrant Than Go Back'

Migrants on Greek border with Macedonia tearfully plea to be allowed to pass

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Turkey shoots down Russian jet it says violated its airspace

Turkey shoots down Russian jet it says violated its territory, Russia says jet was in Syria

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Prosecutor: Encryption threatens public safety

Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance, Jr. tells CNN's Richard Quest why he wants to change laws that allow cell phone users to hide encrypted messages from police.

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There's A New Front-Runner In The Reusable Rockets Race

Blue Origin, not SpaceX, is the first company to successfully send a reusable rocket into space and land it upright on a launch pad.

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The Latest: Officer accused in teen's death turns himself in

The Latest: White Chicago cop expected to be charged in death of black teen turns himself in