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What's behind Brooklyn's construction boom

High-end apartment buildings are shooting up all over New York, as the city experiences an historic building boom.

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US Marine Found Guilty Of Killing Transgender Filipino Woman

U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton has been convicted of homicide by a Philippine court for the murder of a transgender woman.

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Judge delays federal trial in Charleston church shooting

Judge again delays federal trial of Dylann Roof in the Charleston church shootings case

Economist Attributes Emergence Of ISIS To Income Inequality

Famed economist and best-selling author Thomas Picketty is stirring controversy by suggesting that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is growing stronger due to an income gap which has been widened by the West.

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Syrian refugees become issue in Illinois Senate race

Syrian refugees become campaign issue in Illinois as GOP's Kirk attacks Democrat Duckworth

More bad news for Brazil

Brazil's been battered by bad news on all fronts: a toxic mudslide, a bribery scandal and now GDP figures expected to show the economic recession is far from over.

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Ohio high court overturns death sentence in beating death

Ohio Supreme Court overturns death sentence in beating death, cites troubled upbringing

Residents on Pacific Island 'Must Move'

The BBC's Matthew Price reports from the Pacific island of Vanuatu, described by some as being on the "front line of climate change".

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Kenya police tears-gas protest against corruption

Kenya police tear-gas demonstrators protesting against corruption in the country

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Obama: 'I'm optimistic' about solving climate change

President Obama says he is optimistic that the world will solve climate change, comparing it to fighting terrorism after the Paris attacks.

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The Best Viral Stories Of 2015

We picked our six favorite virals of the year. Because five just wasn't enough.

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Conviction of ex-speaker sends NY politics into turmoil

New York government, politics thrown into turmoil after conviction of ex-Assembly speaker

World's Oldest Banded Bird Likely To Give Birth Again

Wildlife officials have revealed that the oldest banded seabird named Wisdom, thought to be around 64 years old, was spotted on the island of Midway Atoll where she will likely hatch and raise another chick.

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Defense chief: US expanding special operations force in Iraq

Defense chief: US expanding special operations force in Iraq to combat Islamic State militants

Obama: COP21 should lead to 'legally binding' mechanism

President Barack Obama outlines what a successful outcome would be for the Paris climate talks.

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The Latest: Man killed in Atlanta gunfight is identified

The Latest: Man shot to death in Atlanta gunfight involving police was from South Carolina

Japan's Whale Hunting 'Against Logic'

Japan has said it will resume whale hunting for 'research purposes'.

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German court declares Auschwitz suspect fit for trial

German court declares Auschwitz suspect fit for trial, overturning lower court ruling

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Obama warns Putin against intervening in Syria

President Obama warned his Russian counterpart against intervening in Syria's civil war, suggesting Vladimir Putin is aware of the dangers his country faces by entering the bloody conflict.

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The Weirdest Viral Stories Of 2015

Some ... let's call them "interesting" ... things happened this year. Here are our top picks.

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Maine woman tapes free coats to light poles for the needy

Maine woman starts campaign to tape free coats to light poles in Portland for the needy