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AirAsia crash report: Series of technical failures

Investigators blame a series of technical failures and human errors for the crash of AirAsia flight 8501 in a new report. CNN's Mary Schiavo explains.

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Yes, These Are Huge Dinosaur Tracks In Scotland; No, It's Not Nessie

Newly discovered dinosaur tracks on a Scottish island offer a new window into a murky stretch of natural history.

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Illinois marijuana-friendly doctor in trouble before

Illinois doctor facing medical marijuana discipline has been in trouble before

Centenarian Attributes Longevity To Daily Wine And Activities

At her recent 100th birthday party, Violet Ewen of Swindon, England attributed her longevity to staying active with clubs and vacations as well as having a glass of wine with dinner each night.

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US victim laments attacks on free speech in Bangladesh

US victim of violent extremist attack laments assault on free speech in Bangladesh

Mother: Chicago won't release dashcam of son's killing

Dorothy Holmes, the mother of Ronald Johnson -- who was killed by Chicago police -- is campaigning for the release of dashcam video which she says shows what happened to her son.

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U of Chicago threat came amid tension over police shooting

Threat to University of Chicago that mentioned police shooting came amid tension over video

Migrants Stranded at Greek Border

Macedonia has become the latest country to restrict the flow of migrants entering the country, erecting a fence on its border with Greece.

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Make Christina Tosi's 'the Greta' and be a holiday cookie hero

Milk Bar's Christina Tosi shares her favorite holiday cookie recipe that comes from and is named after her mother, Greta. The end result is a sugar-crusted, golden brown and gooey cross between a cookie and a cake.

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AP EXPLAINS: Puerto Rico's struggle with $72B of public debt

AP EXPLAINS: Puerto Rico's struggle with $72 billion in debt as economic crisis mounts

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A rare look inside Oscar Pistorius' jail cell

The South African Supreme Court is expected to announce a decision soon in the appeal of Oscar Pistorius' case. CNN's David McKenzie tours Pistorius' cell.

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How Hazardous Are These Household Items?

The cookware, fragrances and nail polish you use might be harmful to your health, but how dangerous are they really?

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The Latest: Mayor in Alaska suffered injuries when he died

The Latest: Juneau, Alaska, mayor had suffered injuries when he was found dead, police say

Billboards With Racist Facebook Comments Go Up By Posters' Homes

The Brazilian organization Criola has launched a campaign to confront racist social media comments by placing these messages on large billboards located near the posters’ homes.

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US appeals court reconsiders decision on ex-bin Laden aide

US appeals court reconsiders ruling setting aside conviction of former aide to Osama bin Laden

Explosion near Istanbul subway station injures 5

At least five people were injured in an explosion at a subway station in Istanbul. CNN's Ian Lee reports.

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Lawmaker: Planned Parenthood 'the real culprit' for violence

Republican lawmaker in Colorado calls Planned Parenthood 'the real culprit' for violence

Introducing MC Pope Francis

How Twitter turned the Pope into a rap star

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Morrissey wins annual 'Literary Review Bad Sex' award

The prize no one is happy to get: Morrissey wins annual 'Literary Review Bad Sex' award

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UN Climate Chief: Deal is in everyone's interest

Christiana Figueres speaks with Christiane Amanpour on day two of a major climate summit in Paris.

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'Supergirl': Everyone Was Super Angry This Week

The characters on "Supergirl" are really angry, but this episode focused on how they could channel that fiery emotion.

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The Latest on Freddie Gray: Jury selection in officer trial

The Latest: Jury selection in its 2nd day for officer's trial over death of Freddie Gray