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CNN's New Hampshire primary coverage

Join CNN for the latest results live from New Hampshire. It's the first in the nation primary.

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4-Year-Old Boy Is Crushed When His Mom Doesn't Vote For His Candidate

Four-year-old Aiden is pretty upset when his mom tells him she didn't vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Nuns who help needy face eviction in San Francisco

San Francisco nuns who serve the homeless are in danger of getting kicked out of their home after a rent hike of more than 50 percent

Man casually trips suspect on the run from police

A civilian in England decided to help the cops out by tripping the alleged drug dealer they were running after. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Man Dies After Setting Himself On Fire In Front Of Kensington Palace

Police received a call about a man acting suspiciously early Tuesday morning. When they arrived, they found a man in his 40s on fire.

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Astronomers Find Hundreds Of Galaxies Hiding Just Outside Of Our Own

It is hard to imagine something as large as a galaxy being able to remain hidden for long, but it appears hundreds have been doing just that.

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Supreme Court puts Obama's Clean Power Plan on hold

The Supreme Court has agreed to halt enforcement of President Barack Obama's sweeping plan to address climate change until after legal challenges are resolved

Polls: Dems want a candidate more liberal than Obama

With voting still underway in the New Hampshire primary, exit polls show that democratic voters favor a candidate more than liberal than President Obama. CNN's David Chalian reports.

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Woman claims that coach, Ohio school ignored rape allegation

A student and former softball player at Kent State University has claimed in a lawsuit that her coach tried to cover up her report that she was raped and that university officials failed to follow federal law after she reported the attack

Dublin Murders Prompt Armed Support Boost

A permanent armed support unit is to be established in Dublin in the wake of a series of suspected gang-related murders.

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The Latest: Intelligence chief warns of more terror attacks

US intelligence chief warns of more homegrown terror attacks and North Korea's nuclear program

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Poll: 50% of GOP voters feel 'betrayed' by the party

With voting still underway in the New Hampshire primary, exit polls show 50% of GOP voters feel "betrayed" by their party. CNN's David Chalian reports.

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'The Daily Show's' Jessica Williams Is Not Here For Your Beyoncé Shade

"The Daily Show" correspondent took on critics of Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance's political message.

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New England mops up as snow falls on East Coast

A wind-driven winter storm that brought blizzard conditions to Cape Cod and dropped several inches of snow on southeastern Massachusetts is expected to bring snow to other parts of the East Coast

Check out the world's most expensive Valentine's Day bouquet

This Valentine's Day you can buy flowers or you can buy the world's most expensive bouquet. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Head-On Train Collision Kills At Least 9 In Southern Germany

Around 150 people were injured when two trains on a single track crashed in Bavaria. Many were trapped in the wreckage.

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Patent Holder More Prolific Than Edison Dies

Famed German inventor Artur Fischer died on January 27th at the age of 96; some of his best-known creations includes the drywall anchor and the Fischertechnik line of building kits for kids.

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Clinton trying to prevent a big Sanders victory in NH

Hillary Clinton is bracing for a potential loss in the New Hampshire primary and trying to prevent rival Bernie Sanders from scoring a big victory that might prompt rank-and-file Democrats to give his campaign a second look

Undeclared voters key to New Hampshire primary

With hours to go before polls close in New Hampshire, early exit polls indicate that undeclared voters will play a key role for both parties. CNN's David Chalian reports.

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FAA shrinks Washington's no-drone zone

Drones and model aircraft can return to the skies in the outer ring of special airspace around the nation's capital

Age UK Drops E.On Energy Tariff

Charity Age UK and energy provider E.On suspend a branded tariff following criticism of the deal.

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Vietnam vet sues VA trying to get benefits living in Cuba

A Vietnam War veteran who has lived in Cuba for 35 years is suing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs seeking to reinstate his pension