Storms soak North Carolina and threaten river…

There don't appear to be reports of serious injuries or deaths after storms dumped several inches of rain across much of North Carolina

State consider getting tossing bottle deposit…

As curbside recycling has grown, environmentalists around the United States find themselves fighting to protect decades-old bottle recycling programs that critics say are becoming obsolete

Deputies search lake for missing California boy

Homicide detectives are searching a lake in Santa Barbara County for a missing 5-year-old boy whose father was arrested after being found passed out at a Southern California park

Napolitano: Can Trump get tax cuts through…

Freedom Watch: Judge Andrew Napolitano and Charles Gasparino discuss whether President Trump can get tax cuts passed without cutting spending

Julie Roginsky calls out Sessions, 'racist…

The Clapback This week Julie Roginsky claps back at AG Jeff Sessions and his comments on 'a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific'

Israel PM cancels talk with German FM in rare…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly canceled a meeting with the German foreign minister in a rare spat with one of Israel's most important allies

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Appeals court agrees to rehear Ohio lethal injection case

A federal appeals court has agreed to re-examine Ohio's new and twice-rejected lethal injection process as the state struggles to resume executions

2017 CNBC Stock Draft order

The "Power Lunch" team draws the order for teams in the upcoming 2017 CNBC Stock Draft.

Breville's coffee maker pair brew cups with…

Two new Breville coffee machines tackle drip, pour-over, cold brew, and espresso tasks with enhanced technology

Police still following Madeleine ‘leads’

Police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance say that they are still pursuing leads.

The New York Times - Waking Up on an Orangutan…

From The New York Times: A palm oil company known for turning orangutan habitat into plantation land has helped the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation purchase an island for this critically endangered species.By: By ERICA BERENSTEIN and JON EMONT. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Why Cinnamon Is Insanely Good for You

Scientists have long suspected that cinnamon can help prevent blood-sugar spikes and protect against insulin resistance, a risk factor for diabetes. But how, exactly, has remained a mystery.

Sens. Corker and Coons: America Has Moral…

Sen. Bob Corker and Sen. Chris Coons discuss their visit to the largest refugee camp in Uganda, & foreign policy issues of the day.

Matthews: We are whizzing by 100 day mark… almost

Chris Matthews shares his views on Trump first 100 days in office.

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Rubio: Trump 'Dealing With the Reality of Being…

Missed MTP? Catch highlights from the show in this week's ComPRESSed.

Renters Care More About Streaming Shows Than…

Renters care more about streaming their favorite shows and surfing social media than clean clothes, according to a new survey from Comcast. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Official: White House names new Secret Service director

The White House has named Randolph Alles as the new director of the Secret Service

Wild monkey spotted in Florida suburb

Wildlife officials are warning residents of a Florida suburb to stay away from wild monkeys that have been spotted in the neighborhood

Wells Fargo faces shareholders, protesters at…

Wells Fargo's top management faced a series of protesters and apologized to investors, but board members kept their jobs

School bus crash in Kentucky injures 14 students and driver

A school bus crash in southeast Kentucky has injured 15 people after the driver swerved off the road to avoid hitting a deer

Parts Of Canada Will Soon Experiment With Basic…

Starting this spring, certain citizens in three cities in Ontario will receive a monthly payment.

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FCA, Google begin offering rides in self-driving…

Fiat Chrysler and Google are expanding their partnership and offering self-driving rides to the public in their joint vehicle for the first time

Last words haunt surviving teen's sentencing in…

A teenager's dying words are haunting a survivor's sentencing in a massive New York fire

Court removes obstacle to releasing wolves in New…

A court has removed one obstacle to the federal government's plan to release more endangered wolves in New Mexico over the state's objections, but it's not clear whether or when additional releases will occur