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A high school senior's helping hand

Trenton Gilstrap is a high school senior who gives back by helping other young people cope with their own disabilities.

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Gates, Zuckerberg Put Their Cash Toward Clean Energy

The COP21 climate conference in Paris is underway, and some big names are promoting a global initiative that's pushing for a zero-emissions future.

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5 killed in head-on crash south of Phoenix

5 killed in head-on crash south of Phoenix; speed, alcohol may have played a role

Alleged Burglar Dies In Chimney After Homeowner Starts Fire

A man in California recently lit his fireplace, resulting in the death of an alleged burglar stuck inside the chimney.

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Flying dogs to freedom

Photojournalist Burke Buckhorn introduces us to Mike Young, who flies rescued dogs to their new owners.

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Fermi 2 restarts after shutdown for refueling, maintenance

Fermi 2 nuclear plant in Michigan restarts after being shut down for refueling, maintenance

Highlights from Pope's African Visit

Watch key moments from Pope Francis' tour of African countries.

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Leaders of warming Earth meet in Paris to cut emissions

Leaders of a warming Earth meet in Paris to kick off talks aimed at rethinking global energy

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Wine that's good for many hearts

Photojournalist Jeff King take us to a California winery that is fighting heart disease one bottle at a time.

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Smog In China Reaches Off-The-Charts Levels

The Chinese government is urging people to stay indoors due to severe smog, just as the country's president arrived in Paris to attend climate talks.

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University of Chicago calls off classes over online threat

University of Chicago calls off classes for a day over online threat

Texas Dog Recovering After Swallowing Ten Batteries

A dog in Texas swallowed 10 hearing aid batteries and had them removed via surgery.

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Paul to file for president, re-election in Kentucky

No looking back: Rand Paul to file for president, Senate re-election in Kentucky

Dedicated to caring for the dying

Photojournalist Barry Schlegel introduces us to a dedicated volunteer who tends to the elderly in their last days.

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Charges possible against men in Minneapolis protest shooting

Charges possible against men accused in shooting of 5 Minneapolis protesters

Environmental Threats Facing Iran

Among nations facing the greatest environmental threats, Iran is highly vulnerable with four of its cities being in the 10 most polluted around the globe.

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The Latest: High security as leaders meet for climate talks

The Latest: High security across Paris as world leaders meet for critical climate talks

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Organ donors give the gift of life

Photojournalist John Torigoe explains that one family's loss is a gift of life to another.

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Online Threat Shuts Down University Of Chicago Campus

Classes were canceled Monday as a precaution after the FBI alerted the university to an online gun threat.

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High stakes for Baltimore as Freddie Gray trials begin

'The future of the city is at stake' as Baltimore readies for 1st Freddie Gray trial