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Can a fortune teller reveal the next U.S. President?

A fortune teller in Hong Kong tells CNN's Alexandra Field her projections about the next U.S. presidential election.

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Box Office Top 3: 'Hail, Caesar!' Does Fine But Can't Defeat The Panda

"Kung Fu Panda 3" holds on to its top spot and "Hail, Caesar!" is the only new release in the top three.

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The Latest: Dead ID'd in shooting after Mississippi parade

South Mississippi authorities say a shooting after a Mardi Gras parade in Pass Christian (kris-TYANH) has killed men from two other south Mississippi cities and wounded four other people

Cavemen ate better than you think

Cavemen may have eaten much better than we thought. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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North Korea Rocket Launch Sparks Concerns Over Missile Testing

North Korea launched a long-range rocket Sunday despite international warnings. The U.S., South Korea and Japan have all condemned the launch.

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9 Places Either Gone Or On Verge Of Disappearing

Here are 9 places that, according to Staysure, are either gone or on the verge of disappearing.

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Sanders campaign plans clash with political realities

As he campaigns for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders promises voters a "political revolution" that will fundamentally remake the American economy and its education and health care systems

The Obamas talk Super Bowl Sunday

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama sat down with CBS to discuss their Super Bowl Sunday at the White House. CNN's Poppy Harlow has more.

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New England to get brunt of snowstorm heading east

Forecasters say southeast Massachusetts could get the brunt of a snowstorm that's heading for the east coast

The UK and US Intelligence Relationship

A look at why the UK and US have a strong intelligence relationship.

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Happy Hens Enjoy Their Freedom

This video from New Zealand shows thousands of free range hens enjoying their open paddock, situated close to the city of Whangarei. Filmed on the Otaika Valley Free Range, the ten acre paddock is home to this tumultuous activity every morning when the social birds emerge from their barn. The family business released the video to show how happy their animals are, and it has struck a chord with over a million views. Credit: YouTube/Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs

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The Latest: Seoul restricts entry to joint park with North

South Korea says it will further restrict the entry of its nationals to a jointly run factory park in North Korea

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Year of the Monkey to bring new technology ideas?

Chinese traditions of the New Year are complicated, as explained in an interview CNN's Michael Holmes conducts with astrologer and Feng Shui consultant Ting-Foon Chik.

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Michelle Obama Isn't Interested In Being The Next Hillary Clinton Yet

During a pre-Super Bowl interview with CBS, Michelle Obama laughed when asked if Hillary Clinton's presidential run gave her any ideas.

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Former court clerk ordered to pay back $1M, at $600 a month

A judge in Mississippi says a former court clerk who pleaded guilty to embezzlement must pay back more than $1 million, at $600 a month

Experiment could mean big step towards nuclear fusion

An experiment in Germany could be a large step in the direction of giving the world the clean, seemingly endless energy that would be nuclear fusion. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Violence Forces Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Toward Turkish Border

Violence in Syria's northwest city of Aleppo has pushed out thousands of refugees who are heading north to the now-closed Turkish border.

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Babies Can See Details That Adults Miss

A recent Scientific American article describes a study from December 2015 which showed that babies are able to see subtle details that adults can no longer perceive.

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The Obamas celebrate the game with wings, pizza and nachos

The Obamas say "Let's Move" campaign off the table briefly for Super Bowl

UN Security Council condemns North Korea launch

The United Nations Security Council held an unusual Sunday meeting to discuss how to deal with North Korea's missle launch. CNN's Michael Holmes speaks with the South Korean ambassador to the UN.

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Police: 2 dead in shooting after parade in Mississippi

South Mississippi police says a shooting after a Mardi Gras parade in Pass Christian (kris-TYANH) has claimed two lives and left four wounded

Behind the Scenes of an Air Strike

Behind the scenes of an air strike, aboard the French aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, in the Gulf.

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Father and Son Have Fun Swapping Faces

When Robert and his son decide to bond, they don’t mess around! Playing around with some new software, the two decide to swap their faces and film the results. This resulted in the terrifying sight of a baby-faced adult and a bearded toddler. Credit: YouTube/Robert Russell

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Taiwan rescuers find signs of life in quake rubble

Rescuers have found signs of life within the remains of a high-rise residential building that collapsed in a powerful, shallow earthquake in southern Taiwan that killed at least 19 people, as families anxiously waited on site