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Did meteorite kill man?

Authorities in India are saying that a man may have been killed by a meteorite blast.

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Classmates Use Yearbook To Set The Record Straight About Last Name

Four classmates who share the same last name and apparently deal with the same question fairly often decided to finally set the record straight.

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The Latest: NYC policeman gets choked up while testifying

A police officer testifying in his own defense got choked up while describing the moment in which he realized a man had been shot in a dark Brooklyn housing project stairwell in 2014

North Korean satellite flies over Super Bowl Stadium

A freshly launched North Korean satellite got a look of Levi's Stadium about an hour after the game ended. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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British Police Are Thinking Of Using Eagles As Drone Hunters

Britain isn't the only nation experimenting with creative ways to capture drones being used illegally.

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Study: Mouth Breathing While Asleep May Lead To Tooth Decay

New research from the University of Otago appears to have found a link between mouth breathing while asleep and enamel erosion and tooth decay.

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The Latest: GOP rivals question Rubio's experience

Republican presidential hopefuls Govs. Jeb Bush and Chris Christie say Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, hasn't been tested in a way that the governors running for president have, leaving him unqualified to be president.

New Hampshire: The state with 400 representatives

New Hampshirites' involvement with government goes far beyond the primary. Their state house is home to 400 representatives who work for just a $100 a year.

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The Latest: Cruise ship passengers describe storm, damage

A passenger aboard a cruise ship that was damaged in rough seas says the weather forced people to stay in their cabins as items flew across the rooms, but she says the storm calmed less than 12 hours later

Smartpatch Aims to Put Snoring to Bed

The Silent Partner claims to have come up with a solution for those sleeping with someone who snores.

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Why independent voters make New Hampshire unpredictable

Jeff Zeleny explains how New Hampshire's election rules and large number of independent voters makes primary day so unpredictable.

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Fans can have Hendrix experience at guitarist's London home

When he was not being a string-shredding, amp-blasting guitar hero, Jimi Hendrix liked nothing better than to sit at home drinking tea and watching the British soap opera "Coronation Street."

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State seeks delay in 3 Freddie Gray trials, pending appeals

Baltimore prosecutors are asking a judge to delay the trials of three police officers charged in the Freddie Gray case until appellate courts decide if another officer can be compelled to testify against them

Cavemen ate better than you think

Cavemen may have eaten much better than we thought. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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North Korea Rocket Launch Sparks Concerns Over Missile Testing

North Korea launched a long-range rocket Sunday despite international warnings. The U.S., South Korea and Japan have all condemned the launch.

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Dog Rescued A Mile Off The Coast After Missing For Four Days

A dog that was missing in Hastings, England for days was found nearly a mile off the southern coast by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's Hastings Lifeboat Station on February 4th.

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Trump aiming for New Hampshire win, rivals aim to survive

Trump aiming for first win in New Hampshire, while rivals plan to go on no matter the outcome

North Korea's launch doesn't stop South Korea's holiday

CNN's Ivan Watson found that locals in Seoul aren't too worried about North Korea's launch as they celebrate the Lunar New Year.

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NYC cop on trial for fatal stairwell shooting takes stand

A New York City police officer has taken the stand to give his account of the deadly shooting of an unarmed man in a Brooklyn stairwell

Thousands of Refugees Left in Limbo

Turkey has come under pressure from European Union officials to let in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

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Video shows Somalia plane bombing suspects pass off laptop

Paul Tilsley reports from Johannesburg

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Belarusian leader says Russia will offer bailout

Leader of Belarus says Russia has promised to offer financial assistance to his nation