North Korea sentences U.S. citizen to hard labor

North Korea sentenced U.S. citizen Kim Dong Chul to 10 years of hard labor. CNN's Will Ripley reports

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Lawmaker accused of harassment is all alone with his M&Ms

A Tennessee lawmaker who faces a sexual harassment investigation found himself being shunned in the closing days of the legislative session after the House speaker effectively exiled him from the legislative office complex and Capitol

Lawmaker calls for Illinois to revoke Hastert's pension

An Illinois state senator is calling on the state to strip Dennis Hastert of the taxpayer-funded pension he receives from his time as a state legislator

Dog missing 10 years found in Alabama, returning to owner

A dog that went missing 10 years ago in Alabama is being reunited with its owner

This Robot Mermaid Is The New Way To Explore Oceans

Instead of a tail, the humanoid OceanOne robot uses a series of thrusters to move around the ocean.

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Angry Vegans Issue Death Threats Over Restaurant Owners' Diet Change

When owners of several vegan restaurants revealed they were eating meat, they never expected to get death threats. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has the "meaty" details.

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All Belgians Will Get Iodine Pills In Case Of A Nuclear Emergency

The pills will be sent to pharmacies and, in the event of a nuclear meltdown, citizens will be ordered to pick up their share.

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Spain: Park workers hit on huge Roman coin trove by accident

Workers laying pipes in a southern Spanish park have unearthed a 600-kg (1,300-pound) trove of Roman coins in what culture officials say is a unique historic discovery

FAA: Smoke in jet cabin, cockpit leads to emergency landing

Federal safety investigators say a Piedmont Airlines regional jet made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after smoke was reported in the cabin and the cockpit

WWF Captures Rare Video of Male Pandas Courting Female

The World Wildlife Foundation is sharing with us the rare footage they shot of two male pandas barking at each other. They're both interested in winning a female panda's attention. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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New Obamacare Rule Gives People On Parole And Probation Medicaid

The updated guideline also extends coverage to people living in halfway houses.

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Natural gas explosion in Pennsylvania leaves at least 1 hurt

Crews are responding to a natural gas explosion and well fire in Pennsylvania where at least one injury has been reported

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Asking the question: Tillis asks Army plans on Bragg runway

North Carolina U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis wants to know Army plans for extending the runway at Pope Field at Fort Bragg

Bathroom Bill Backlash: NCAA To Host Events In 'Inclusive' States Only

The NCAA announced it won't host events in places it deems have discriminatory laws. That could mean no more NCAA tournament games in North Carolina.

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Andre Agassi to play rematch of 1996 Olympic gold match

Eddie Gonzalez, BB&T Open Tournament Director, tells CNN about bringing together Andre Agassi and Sergi Bruguera for a rematch of their 1996 Olympic match

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Rovi buying TiVo in $1.1B cash-and-stock deal

Rovi buying TiVo in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $1.1 billion

Woman trapped after car goes into water

Good Samaritans were joined by firefighter and police to rescue a woman trapped in her sinking car. CNN's Jessica Schneider reports.

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AP Newsbreak: More San Francisco police racist text messages

San Francisco's police chief has ordered "effective immediately" that every sworn officer attend an anti-harassment class while releasing more transcripts of a former lieutenant and two former officers exchanging racist text messages

Memorial set for 25 WWII US soldiers lost in Italian lake

A memorial is being dedicated in Italy to the 25 American soldiers who drowned in an Alpine lake when their amphibious vehicle sank during World War II

4 young girls run away from Florida foster home

Law enforcement authorities in Florida are searching for four young girls _ including 3 sisters _ who ran away from a Tampa area foster home

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Trump Vs. Clinton In November Could Be Bad For Voter Turnout

Nearly one in four likely voters would either stay home or vote for some other candidate.

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Secret to Youthful Appearance Found in the Ginger Gene

According to research scientists, the key to a youthful appearance is linked to genetics. Specifically the MC1R gene, which is commonly known as the ginger gene. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

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Another North Korean Missile Test, Another Failure

North Korea attempted back-to-back missile tests on Thursday, but neither was successful. The dictatorship has had a string of failures lately.

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