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This exhibit is a must-see for Star Wars fans

A team of artists created models of the most famous characters and 11 iconic scenes from the Star Wars series. CNN visits the exhibit at London's Madame Tussauds.

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How Republicans Talk About Islam: Then vs. Now

Post-9/11, President Bush made it clear: Islam is a peaceful religion. So why won't anyone running for the Republican nomination say that now?

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Boston Marathon bomber's lawyers to argue for new trial

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber head back to court to argue for new trial

Jeddah Tower Expected To Become World's Tallest Building

A deal has been made to secure the funds to finish building Jeddah Tower, which would be the new world’s tallest skyscraper at 3,280 feet high.

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The Latest: Prince Charles, climate envoys focus on forests

The Latest: Prince Charles, global envoys focus on saving forests to reduce global warming

UN Climate Chief: Countries acting for economy, not planet

Christiana Figueres says that countries at the COP21 climate conference in Paris are acting out a "much more powerful" force than a desire to "save the planet."

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Conviction of ex-speaker sends NY politics into turmoil

New York government, politics thrown into turmoil after conviction of ex-Assembly speaker

The Vest That Lets You Feel Words

How a vibrating vest could change the way deaf people understand speech

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Police Investigating Death Of Juneau, Alaska's Newly-Elected Mayor

Mere weeks after being elected in October, Juneau, Alaska's mayor, Greg Fisk, was found dead inside his home. He was 70 years old.

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Syria's al-Qaida branch releases captive Lebanese soldiers

Syria's al-Qaida branch frees Lebanese soldiers held captive since 2014 as part of swap deal

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Poet sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia

Palestinian poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh was sentenced to death by a Saudi court for "apostasy" and host of other blasphemy charges for his poetry. CNN's Jon Jensen has more.

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Cyber Monday Breaks Records As Shoppers Flock To Their Smartphones

This year's Cyber Monday is expected to break records with nearly $3 billion. But it could have been a lot more.

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Ex-Connecticut mayor returns to office after prison stint

Former Bridgeport mayor to take oath after seven-year prison term for corruption

Shallow Hal Actor Joshua Shintani Dies At The Age Of 32

Joshua Shintani, the actor who strummed the ukulele in the movie ‘Shallow Hal,’ has passed away.

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Obama: Climate deal needs legally binding process for transparency, periodic review of targets

Obama: Climate deal needs legally binding process for transparency, periodic review of targets

October 2014: Murdered victim's family climbs base gate

Angry relatives climb the gate of a facility where they believe the U.S. Marine who murdered their relative is held.

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Police investigate death of Alaska's capital city mayor

Police investigate death of Alaska's capital city mayor who was found at his Juneau home

China Smog: 'Sky Darkened by Air Pollution'

Schools and factories have been shut as large sections of northeast China are covered by hazardous smog.

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Four Arrested in Georgia Over Alleged Links to Islamic State

Four people, allegedly connected to Islamic State, were arrested in Georgia on Tuesday following the seizure of weapons and Islamic State flags during raids in the capital, Tbilisi. Mark Kelly reports.

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German Cabinet OKs military mission against IS in Syria

German Cabinet OKs committing up to 1,200 troops to help anti-IS mission in Syria

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October 2014: Marine held in transgender woman's death

A U.S. Marine is being held for the murder of a transgender woman in the Philippines. CNN's Michael Holmes reports.

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Will NYC's Sodium Labels Really Influence What People Order?

New York City restaurant chains will soon display warning signs next to items that contain more than the daily recommended intake of sodium.

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Monsanto pledges to be carbon neutral by 2021

Monsanto pledges to be carbon neutral by 2021; will work with farmers to cut emissions