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NASA astronaut Scott Kelly on his year in space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has spent a year in space as part of an experiment comparing the effects of space on him against his twin brother back on Earth. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

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Asking For A Friend: How Do You Deal With An Ex?

Handling an ex-relationship can get tricky, so we are asking one of the top dating coaches in the country all the awkward questions for you.

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Man due to plead guilty to shooting at Connecticut mosque

A Connecticut man is scheduled to plead guilty Thursday to firing a rifle at a mosque next to his home shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November

Town building public beer fountain

A town in Slovenia is deciding to invest $400,000 to create a public beer fountain. The hope is that tourists will come and check it out and drink their local beers. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

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Why Are Elephants Wandering Into Indian Towns?

Asian elephants are normally considered docile, but when they wander into towns looking for food, they can become confused and extremely aggressive.

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Deaths And Injuries In Syria Estimated At 11.5% Of Population

A year and a half ago, the United Nations announced that the war in Syria had resulted in 250,000 deaths. Recently, a report on both fatalities and injuries in the nation put forth a significantly higher figure.

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Kansas Supreme Court invalidates school funding law

The Kansas Supreme Court has struck down a stopgap law for funding the state's public schools, saying it left poor districts $54 million short

Reid on a brokered convention: 'it would be kinda fun'

Harry Reid sat down with CNN's Manu Raju and discussed the possibility of the Democratic primaries ending without a clear winner.

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Police: 3 knives, other blades used in Chicago family deaths

Chicago police believe three weapons with blades were used to kill five of six family members whose bodies were found last week in their home on the city's Southwest Side

Bosch Paintings in Historic Homecoming

The strange and terrifying works of the painter Hieronymous Bosch have been gathered in his home town, Den Bosch, in the Netherlands for the first time.

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What NASA Would Fund With Its Tiny $19B Wishlist

NASA stretches the annual allowance it gets from Congress a long way.

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Berlin Film Festival to open in German capital

The Berlin International Film Festival is opening in the German capital _the first of the year's major European movie festivals _ with Meryl Streep presiding over the jury that will choose the winners

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Fry: No need for 'panty-wetting' over Oscars diversity

British actor and author Stephen Fry speaks to CNN's Max Foster about the debate over diversity in the entertainment industry.

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Marco Rubio's Candy Bar Catastrophe Ends In Dental Work

Marco Rubio had to take a break from campaigning to make a stop at a dentist's office after he cracked his molar on a frozen Twix bar.

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Records detail break-in attempt by man questioned in killing

Court documents show a man questioned in the killing of Colorado's prisons chief brazenly tried to break into the home of a former corrections employee

Scientist announce gravitational waves, hailed greatest discovery of the decade

Anytime a scientific discovery is called the greatest of the decade, it's a big deal. Scientists from the group known as LIGO are saying they've found proof of Gravitational Waves, something Einstein predicted 100 years ago but never thought would be detected. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Reports Claim Catholic Bishops Aren't Required To Report Sexual Abuse

A Vatican training document allegedly says victims and their guardians are responsible for reporting child sex abuse cases that occur in the church.

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Video Shows Manatee Munching On Moss Above Water In Bizarre Sight

While manatees typically only eat what they find underwater, one staying at the Three Sisters Springs decided to go above the surface and grab a snack.

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Congress likely to give final OK to local Internet tax ban

Congress a step away from permanently barring state, local governments from taxing Internet

What is a brokered convention?

The GOP is bracing for a battle in Cleveland next July and a possible brokered convention. CNN's Tom Foreman has the details.

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Ex-Irish bank executive agrees to return to Ireland

The former chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank has dropped his fight against extradition and agreed to return to Ireland to face fraud charges

Top Gear's Top Seven

The full line-up of presenters set to front the new series of Top Gear has been announced.

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Kurdish fighters capture military air base in northern Syria

An opposition activist group and a rebel commander say Kurdish fighters and their allies have captured a military air base in northern Syria