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Obama warns Putin against intervening in Syria

President Obama warned his Russian counterpart against intervening in Syria's civil war, suggesting Vladimir Putin is aware of the dangers his country faces by entering the bloody conflict.

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The Weirdest Viral Stories Of 2015

Some ... let's call them "interesting" ... things happened this year. Here are our top picks.

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Conviction of ex-speaker sends NY politics into turmoil

New York government, politics thrown into turmoil after conviction of ex-Assembly speaker

World's Oldest Banded Bird Likely To Give Birth Again

Wildlife officials have revealed that the oldest banded seabird named Wisdom, thought to be around 64 years old, was spotted on the island of Midway Atoll where she will likely hatch and raise another chick.

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Obama urges lower tensions between Russia, Turkey

Meeting with Turkish leader, Obama calls for lowering tensions with Russia after plane downing

Obama: U.S. supports Turkey's right to defend itself

President Obama holds talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the COP21 climate summit in Paris. CNN's Phil Black has more.

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Texas attorney general back in court over fraud indictment

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton returns to court over indictment on securities fraud charges

Residents on Pacific Island 'Must Move'

The BBC's Matthew Price reports from the Pacific island of Vanuatu, described by some as being on the "front line of climate change".

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South African prison shows former cell of Oscar Pistorius

Cell where Oscar Pistorius stayed is a highlight of an official tour of a Pretoria prison

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Giuliani: Trump is 'exaggerating' 9/11 claims

Rudy Giuliani says there were reports of small groups of people celebrating during the 9/11 attacks but no reports of thousands of people celebrating.

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J.J. Abrams Literally Broke His Back Filming 'Star Wars'

Director J.J. Abrams wasn't willing to let something like a broken back stop him from working on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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Police: Florida man tried to electrocute father over will

Central Florida man tried to electrocute his father on Thanksgiving over will, police say

Study: Fitness Early In Life Reduces Chances Of Dying During Middle Age

For many, middle age is a time when heath woes begin to pop up, but, according to a recent study, being fit early on could help keep some of them at bay.

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Obama says he hopes shooting at Colorado clinic spurs action

Obama says he hopes shooting at Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado spurs action

This exhibit is a must-see for Star Wars fans

A team of artists created models of the most famous characters and 11 iconic scenes from the Star Wars series. CNN visits the exhibit at London's Madame Tussauds.

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Smithsonian museum initiative explores 'Giving in America'

'Giving in America': New Smithsonian museum initiative explores history of giving in America

Japan's Whale Hunting 'Against Logic'

Japan has said it will resume whale hunting for 'research purposes'.

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Kylie Jenner's 'Lip Kit' sold out online, going for a small fortune on eBay

Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit launched on Cyber Monday and sold out in mere minutes. Now you can only buy the products on eBay, and prices are steep. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) has the story.

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UN Climate Chief: Countries acting for economy, not planet

Christiana Figueres says that countries at the COP21 climate conference in Paris are acting out a "much more powerful" force than a desire to "save the planet."

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Police Investigating Death Of Juneau, Alaska's Newly-Elected Mayor

Mere weeks after being elected in October, Juneau, Alaska's mayor, Greg Fisk, was found dead inside his home. He was 70 years old.

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Great Western Bancorp buying parent of Home Federal Bank

Great Western Bancorp buying parent of Home Federal Bank in transaction valued at $140 million