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Russia deploys missiles in response to downed jet

Russia hopes to gain control of the skies near Turkey by deploying missile systems into Syria. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

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Secret Service Still Dealing With Fence Jumpers Despite Upgrades

Some recent White House breaches led to enhanced security measures, but the Secret Service is still dealing with fence jumpers.

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Kids making oral history with StoryCorps holiday project

Kids and elders making oral history with StoryCorps' Great Thanksgiving Listen project

Obama still pondering death penalty's role in justice system

Amid talk of overhauling justice system, Obama stays mum about any changes in death penalty

Take a ride in Uganda's own 'Popemobile'

CNN's David McKenzie takes a ride in a Ugandan made "Popemobile" that the creator hopes will get the attention of the Pontiff.

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Hurricane Sandra rapidly losing strength in the Pacific

Hurricane Sandra is rapidly losing strength in the eastern Pacific off Mexico's coast

What Is the Commonwealth?

James Robbins explains the history behind the Commonwealth and looks at whether it is still relevant.

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Poland will not extradite Roman Polanski to the US

Poland will not extradite Roman Polanski to the US after prosecutors accept court ruling

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Bloomberg: U.S. climate 'crazies' forced to accept reality

The billionaire businessman and former mayor of New York says that those who once denied climate change now must insist just that it's not caused by humans.

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This Disney Filing Shows Why ESPN Is In Trouble

Disney's annual 10-K filing to the SEC showed one of the conglomerate's biggest moneymakers, ESPN, lost another 3 million subscribers.

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Quotations in the News

Quotations in the News

President's oldest daughter among those scoping out colleges

They grow up so fast: Obama's 17-year-old daughter joins other seniors in scoping out colleges

Gays under attack in Uganda

CNN's David McKenzie reports on the challenges for gays living under Uganda's tough laws.

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Protest over Chicago teen's shooting set for retail district

Protest over Chicago teen's shooting by police officer set for city's famed shopping district

Restoring the Roof of Rome's Colosseum

Adam Fleming meets the people restoring the roof of Rome's Colosseum.

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Pope presses case for adequate, dignified housing in Nairobi

Pope presses case for adequate, dignified housing in visit to Nairobi slum

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Pope celebrates historic Mass in Kenya

Pope Francis celebrated a historic Mass in Kenya on Thursday before delivering a stern environmental warning just days ahead of a key climate change conference in Paris. CNN's Robyn Kriel has more.

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Talk About Missing A Deadline: Stores Still Aren't Ready For EMV Cards

Credit cards with chips in them may be safer, but many consumers are using the magnetic strips on them because stores haven't updated their terminals.

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The Latest: March planned along Michigan Avenue in Chicago

The Latest: Protest march planned along Michigan Avenue in Chicago amid Black Friday shopping

White House undergoes holiday lockdown after man jumps fence

White House undergoes Thanksgiving Day lockdown after man draped in American flag jumps fence

What is ASEAN?

CNN's Andrew Stevens explains why the Association of South East Asian Nations was formed and why it's rapidly becoming an economic powerhouse.

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Teen killed by Chicago officer had broken, troubled family

Teenager killed by Chicago police officer came from troubled past, broken family