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What It Would Take To Slow Down Time

A look at the very real physics behind time dilation as portrayed in pop culture.

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Police: Standoff with gunman at Planned Parenthood ongoing

Police: Standoff at Planned Parenthood is ongoing, shooter brought unspecified items with him

5-Year-Old Denied Personalized Nutella Jar Due To Her Name Isis

A young girl has been denied a personalized jar of Nutella because her name is Isis.

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Supreme Court justice blocks Native Hawaiian vote count

Supreme Court justice issues temporary stay blocking vote count in Native Hawaiian election

Police: Gang members targeted 9-year-old boy shot in alley

Prosecutors: Chicago gang member charged in boy's death looked for targets after brother shot

'My Gender Has Helped Me'

The ICC's prosecutor Fatou Bensouda speaks to the BBC's Zeinab Badawi about her justice, gender and race.

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Police: Planned Parenthood standoff is not stabilized

Suspect has shot at officers

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Hundreds protest jailing of 2 journalists in Turkey

Hundreds protest jailing of 2 prominent Turkish journalists over Syria arms-smuggling reports

Active Shooter Reported At Colorado Planned Parenthood

Local media report a shooter has opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.

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Police: Active shooter at Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic

Police respond to active shooter at Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs

Miss World Canada Denied Entry Into China

Anastasia Lin, the reigning Miss World Canada, says she was denied entry into China to compete in the final pageant event because of her outspoken criticisms of the Chinese government’s human rights abuses.

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NATO seeking to reconcile death totals in Kunduz attack

NATO say it seeking to reconcile civilian death toll from US air attack on hospital in Kunduz

Police: Standoff at Planned Parenthood is ongoing, shooter brought unspecified items with him

Police: Standoff at Planned Parenthood is ongoing, shooter brought unspecified items with him

Russians Tell Turks: We're Abandoning Your Beaches

Russians vow to stop going to Turkey on holiday in revenge for downed plane.

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Police: We have been in contact with suspect

Police update the media with the latest details about the shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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The Latest: French court keeps 2 suspects under house arrest

The Latest: French court rejects appeals by 2 suspects under house arrest

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Mothers' Claims Of Baby-Stealing At Missouri Hospital Disputed

An ABC special set to air Friday focuses on the women involved in allegations that a former St. Louis hospital kidnapped babies in an adoption scam.

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Protest over Chicago teen's shooting ties up retail district

Protest over Chicago teen's killing by police disrupts city's posh shopping district

Alien Seeker Finds Mouse On Mars

Curiosity has a lot of scientific work to do on Mars, and, if one alien seeker’s theory is correct, the rover may also have to deal with a rodent infestation.

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Gay marriage is legal but not on tribal lands

Gay marriage is now legal nationwide, but tribal lands an exception to the rule

Key Moments from Paris Attack Memorial

France holds a national memorial service for the 130 people killed in the gun and bomb attacks in Paris on 13 November

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Has Planned Parenthood been targeted in past attacks?

Officers exchanged gunfire with a gunman in the Planned Parenthood building and at least four officers were injured, police say. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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EU turns to Turkey to help manage its migration woes

Struggling to manage its refugee emergency, the EU invites Turkey to its table

Ancient Sites Are Being Digitally Preserved Thanks To New Technology

Researchers and activists are using new technology to help preserve some of the world's oldest cultural heritage sites.

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