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The sailing must-do event of the winter

MainSail takes a trip to the U.S. state of Florida for the Northern Hemisphere's winter sailing must-do event -- the stunning Key West Race Week.

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Police Kill Suspect After Machete Attack At Ohio Restaurant

According to authorities, a man walked into the Nazareth Mediterranean restaurant and deli in Columbus, Ohio and started attacking people inside.

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Police: Witnesses' quick info helped find machete attacker

Police say quick observations from employees and patrons witnessing a machete attack at an Ohio restaurant helped authorities track down the fleeing suspect, who was fatally shot in a confrontation with officers a few miles away

Trump's plan for Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump was asked by hosts on CBS This Morning what his plan was for Kim Jong-un. His response was both vague and concerning. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Missing Canadian Man Remembers His Identity After 30 Years

A Canadian man who was missing for almost 30 years has been found after remembering his identity, which he forgot when he suffered a head injury.

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10 Things You May Not Know About Oreos

Here are 10 uncommon facts about the iconic treat.

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Protesting Greek farmers clash with riot police

Thousands of farmers from across Greece gather in Athens for a two-day protest against government plans to impose tax hikes and pension charges, with scuffles breaking out outside the Agriculture Ministry

New boat catches the eye during the Key West Race Week

The C&C 30 made its debut in Florida attracting some big-name sailors, including skipper Charlie Enright.

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Police: Boston robbery suspects were all wearing GPS devices

Boston police tracked down three suspects in an armed convenience store robbery because the men were all wearing court-ordered GPS devices for unrelated cases.

Syria's Horrifying Statistics

Caroline Hawley looks at the shocking statistics that now define the Syrian conflict.

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Key West Race Week: A sailor's paradise

CNN's Shirley Robertson follows the Key West Race Week to find out what it is about the U.S.'s southern-most island that makes this event a sailor's paradise.

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The Numbers Behind Sanders' Claim About African Americans And Weed

The Democratic candidate says black people are four times more likely to be arrested than white people, even though drug use rates are comparable.

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Police: Massachusetts school bus driver drunk in crash

A Massachusetts school bus driver has been charged with being drunk when he crashed his bus carrying 11 high and middle school students into a utility pole

Town building public beer fountain

A town in Slovenia is deciding to invest $400,000 to create a public beer fountain. The hope is that tourists will come and check it out and drink their local beers. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

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World Powers Try To Work Out Pause In Syrian Fighting

The U.S. and Russia are among the world powers attempting to negotiate a cease-fire in the Syrian civil war. They're hoping for a deal soon.

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Dog Gets Adopted Day After Her Dancing Video Goes Viral

On Wednesday, a dancing dog named Ginger Rogers took Facebook by storm after Orange County Animal Services posted a video of her showing off her moves. She was adopted the next day.

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Weird Sweethearts messages from the 1900s

Over the last 150 years, Sweethearts' candy messages have evolved from "Please send a lock of your hair" to "On Fleek."

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Georgia officer gunned down: Flowers, lit candles, mourning

Suburban Atlanta police department mourns death of an officer gunned down in a law enforcement operation

'It's Not Talked About Enough' Clooney on Migrant Crisis

George Clooney has told a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival that he is to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the refugee crisis.

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Most searched Valentine gifts by state

Thanks to search data, we know what are the most searched for gifts by state. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

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The Latest: Pope plans Colombia visit early next year

Pope Francis says he plans to visit Colombia in the first half of next year if the Colombian government and rebels make progress and sign a peace treaty to end Latin American's longest-running conflict