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A rare look inside Oscar Pistorius' jail cell

The South African Supreme Court is expected to announce a decision soon in the appeal of Oscar Pistorius' case. CNN's David McKenzie tours Pistorius' cell.

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'Supergirl': Everyone Was Super Angry This Week

The characters on "Supergirl" are really angry, but this episode focused on how they could channel that fiery emotion.

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Newark launching community schools with Facebook money

Newark will launch community schools program with money provided by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Campaign Aims To Flood ‘Britain's Loneliest Schoolboy' With Christmas Cards

A Reddit moderator has launched a campaign to send Christmas cards to a lonely schoolboy.

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Voters wonder if Cruz can heal Washington's bitter divisions

Cruz's challenge: GOP voters like his conservatism but wonder if he can make Washington work

Explosion near Istanbul subway station injures 5

At least five people were injured in an explosion at a subway station in Istanbul. CNN's Ian Lee reports.

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If Indiana order stands, charity will settle Syrian family

If Gov. Pence's order stands, religious charity says it can settle Indiana-bound Syrian family

Migrants Stranded at Greek Border

Macedonia has become the latest country to restrict the flow of migrants entering the country, erecting a fence on its border with Greece.

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Here's why Carole King is a Kennedy Center honoree

Carole King is one of the greatest female songwriters of all-time. The Post's Karen Heller details her transformation from a writer to performer and eventually Kennedy Center honoree for 2015. Listen to the songs that made her remarkable career.

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Syria's al-Qaida branch releases captive Lebanese soldiers

Syria's al-Qaida branch frees Lebanese soldiers held captive since 2014 as part of swap deal

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UN Climate Chief: Deal is in everyone's interest

Christiana Figueres speaks with Christiane Amanpour on day two of a major climate summit in Paris.

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Who Knew Fergie Voiced A Famous 'Peanuts' Character?

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" has been around for 50 years now, so let's celebrate the anniversary with some fun facts you might not know.

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Indicted Washington auditor seeks return of seized $908,000

Indicted Washington state Auditor Troy Kelley seeks return of $908,000 seized by feds

Scientist Finds Moon Landing Site Of Apollo 16's Rocket Booster

Physicist Jeff Plescia has located the moon landing site of Apollo 16’s rocket booster component called S-IVB which was deliberately dropped on the lunar body in the early 70s as an experiment, but it’s location and data were lost due to a malfunction.

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Puerto Rico's governor issues 'distress call' to Congress

Puerto Rico's governor issues 'distress call,' says he will reroute money to make bond payment

'Human life is not negotiable'

Giza Gaspar-Martins, chairman of the Least Developed Countries Group, says the target of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees is not ambitious enough.

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Probe near end in 'suicide by cop' case that killed officer

Probe nearly complete in fatal shootings of Ohio officer, suspect staging 'suicide by cop'

Introducing MC Pope Francis

How Twitter turned the Pope into a rap star

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Blast near Istanbul subway station injures at least 1

Blast near Istanbul subway station injures at least 1; cause of blast not immediately known

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Who is Recep Tayyip Erdogan?

CNN's Becky Anderson profiles the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Tightened US Tourism Screening Would Hit Both Allies And Terrorists

The 38 countries that are affected are considered low-risk and include most of Europe and other U.S. allies.

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The Latest on Freddie Gray: Jury selection in officer trial

The Latest: Jury selection in its 2nd day for officer's trial over death of Freddie Gray