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The Latest: Obama calls Russia 'the outlier' in IS fight

The Latest: Obama calls Russia 'the outlier' in fight against Islamic State

Putin: Jet Shooting Is Stab in the Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin fiercely condemns the downing of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border.

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Kenya's president reshuffles Cabinet after graft allegations

Kenya's president reshuffles Cabinet as some ministers are investigated for graft

Convicted spy Ronald Pelton to be freed from custody

Ronald Pelton, convicted of spying for Soviets, to be freed from US custody this week

'I'd Rather Die as a Migrant Than Go Back'

Migrants on Greek border with Macedonia tearfully plea to be allowed to pass

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Stories of those who died in the Paris attacks

Stories of those who died in the Paris attacks

Clinton: Saying 'illegal immigrants' was poor word choice

Clinton says use of term 'illegal immigrants' was a 'poor choice of words' she won't repeat

Why Philippines Faces Climate Questions

The Philippines, which is vulnerable to climate change, has confirmed controversial plans for more coal-fired power stations.

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Paris attacks: Suspect quizzed, Brussels still in lockdown

Paris attacks: French suspect faces terror charges, Brussels in lockdown for 4th day

Older workers seeking options for reducing hours on the job

Older workers caught between desire to work less, labor market not quite ready to let them go

Malawi Joins Climate Change Fight

Malawi, where most of its citizens cannot afford to use electricity, says it will join the battle against climate change - but only with funding from richer nations.

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Obama to meet with leaders of China, India at climate summit

Obama to meet with leaders of China, India, island nations while at Paris climate summit

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Riding a Skateboard in Virtual Reality

Testing the vibrating, virtual reality skateboard simulator

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The Latest: Czech police arrest 4 suspected smugglers

The Latest: Czech police arrest 4 wanted in Belgium on suspicion of people-smuggling

Since '01, Clintons collected $35M from financial businesses

Since '01, Hillary and Bill Clinton collected $35M for making speeches to financial businesses

India's Plan to Ban Surrogacy

Yogita Limaye reports from Anand, the town in Gujarat unofficially dubbed India's surrogacy hub.

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The Latest: Blast strikes Tunisia presidential guard bus

The Latest: Explosion in Tunisia's capital strikes bus carrying presidential guard

Republican campaign rhetoric has Muslim-Americans on edge

Surveillance push from GOP's Trump, Carson has Muslim-Americans fearing 'ugly rhetoric'

Uganda Closes Education Gap

Uganda is trying to close the education gap between boys and girls by helping to give girls the edge when it comes to education.

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Hungarian police say 'bomb lab' found, 6 people detained

Hungarian police say 'bomb lab' found, 6 people detained, security enhanced for top officials

Taste Testing N and S Korea's Pickle Rivals

The subtle flavour of North Korean kimchi looks set to join the spicy South Korean version on a UN heritage list. The BBC's Stephen Evans conducts a test to see which version actually tastes better.

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The Latest: Official: Abaaoud was planning another attack

The Latest: Official: Paris attacks mastermind planning another attack, on business district

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Justices asked to block Native Hawaiian election vote count

Supreme Court asked to block vote counting in Native Hawaiian election

On Board the World's Fastest Train

The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes takes a ride on the world's fastest train - the maglev in Japan - that reaches speeds of up to 501km/h.

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As Kerry visits Israel again, no talk of peace deal

Kerry visits Israel, West Bank for 1st time since 2014, but no one speaks of a peace deal