Berlin ePrix: Buemi reignites title charge

A packed crowd lined the streets of the German capital for round 8 of the Formula E World Championship.

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US government set to release hurricane season outlook

The U.S. government on Friday will release its forecast for how many hurricanes and tropical storms are expected to form over Atlantic and Caribbean waters over the next six months

The Latest: Busier Atlantic hurricane season predicted

U.S. government forecasters expect a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season, after three relatively slow years

Holiday air travelers see a break from long security lines

Travelers taking to the skies for the Memorial Day weekend say security lines are moving much faster than they expected after weeks of long delays at U.S. airports

Credit-Card Skimmer Thefts At Wal-Mart Could've Been Easily Avoided

Thieves recently placed devices that can steal credit card data in self check-out stations at two Wal-Mart locations.

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World's Top Geneticists To Test for Yeti DNA

A TV show that's about to air will show the world's top geneticists as they attempt to use DNA evidence to determine if Yeti's are real. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story.

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This Canadian Kitchen Is Opening Its Doors To Syrian Refugees

The Depanneur, a culinary lab in Toronto, invites Syrian refugees to cook their native cuisine and share a taste of home with others.

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Report: Rockets fired from Syria hit Turkey, 5 wounded

Turkey's state-run news agency says rockets fired from Syria hit southern Turkey wounding five people

Man pleads guilty after fatal silicone butt injection

A North Carolina man has pleaded guilty to receiving and selling misbranded silicone for buttock injections that led to a woman's death in Maryland

See What Happens When a Zoo Puts GoPro on a Cheetah

The Cincinnati Zoo put a GoPro camera on their cheetah named Savannah, the footage is incredible. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Congress' grade so far? Incomplete at best

Congress is racing toward its summer break, but like a procrastinating college kid it has tons of work to catch up on

The Scripps National Spelling Bee Declares Co-Champions — Again

Each champion correctly spelled 36 words on stage to win the title.

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NYC police make arrest in death of governor's aide

New York City police say they've made an arrest in the death of an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who was shot in the crossfire between two gangs

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Drew Peterson defense expected to begin calling witnesses

Drew Peterson's defense team is expected to start calling witnesses in the former suburban Chicago police officer's murder-for-hire trial

The Biggest Flaw In 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Seems To Be Apocalypse Himself

Critics have not been pleased with the latest film in the "X-Men" franchise.

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Daughter reads pilot's last love letter

Jesse Brown's daughter reads her father's last love letter to her mother before he was shot down and killed during the Korean War.

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Researchers: Asian bank hacks may be linked to North Korea

Cybersecurity researchers said North Korea might be connected to several recent attacks on global banks

How has life changed for American Pharoah?

CNN's Winning Post catches up with the one and only American Pharoah, to find out how life has changed for this legendary horse, one year on from his Triple Crown glory.

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Cave escape: Rushing water, sucking mud and pitch black

A group of college students at risk of being trapped by flash flooding on a field trip adventure inside a Kentucky cave waded through neck-deep water to get to safety

Iowa Supreme Court bans life without parole for teen killers

The Iowa Supreme Court is banning life prison sentences without the possibility of parole for juveniles convicted of first-degree murder

Tow truck driver charged with dousing kitten in motor oil

Authorities say a tow truck driver has been charged with animal cruelty for dousing a kitten in motor oil and abandoning it inside a box that was tied shut in New Jersey

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Your Cellphone Is Maybe, Probably, Possibly Giving You Cancer

Partial results from an ongoing study found that lab rats developed tumors after they were exposed to a type of cellphone radiation.

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Can You Find The Second Elephant Hidden In This Photograph

The image was taken at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants.

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Virtual Reality Could Bring Crime Scenes To The Courtroom

Researchers are exploring the possibility of using virtual reality in European courtrooms.

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