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Gold shines as stock markets tumble

World Gold Council CEO Alistair Hewitt explains how gold prices are being boosted by stock turmoil.

Millennials Drank A Lot Of Wine Last Year

Millennials drank a lot of wine last year. About 160 million cases in fact.

Patient strategy pays off for FBI in ending Oregon standoff

The last four armed occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge shouted, argued and raved for all the world to hear

Town building public beer fountain

A town in Slovenia is deciding to invest $400,000 to create a public beer fountain. The hope is that tourists will come and check it out and drink their local beers. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

Missing Canadian Man Remembers His Identity After 30 Years

A Canadian man who was missing for almost 30 years has been found after remembering his identity, which he forgot when he suffered a head injury.

Dog Gets Adopted Day After Her Dancing Video Goes Viral

On Wednesday, a dancing dog named Ginger Rogers took Facebook by storm after Orange County Animal Services posted a video of her showing off her moves. She was adopted the next day.

Kurdish fighters capture military air base in northern Syria

An opposition activist group and a rebel commander say Kurdish fighters and their allies have captured a military air base in northern Syria

Senator Reid talks Hillary, Bernie and Trump

CNN's Manu Raju sits down with Senator Harry Reid talking Nevada caucus and reflects on 2016... more specifically, Hillary, Bernie and Trump.

Ohio police kill man they say attacked people with machete

Police have shot and killed a man who they say attacked several people at a central Ohio restaurant with a machete

KAEC: Saudi's $100bn Construction Project

Will one of the world's largest construction projects taking place in Saudi Arabia be a success?

Taylor Swift's Brother Responds to Kanye West's New Song by Throwing Out His Yeezy Sneakers

The superstar's younger brother is seemingly not a fan of the rapper's new song.

Russian PM warns of world war in Syrian conflict

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says the use of ground troops in the Syrian conflict could result in world war

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Dad: They took our kids' home

Routine is crucial to the Donah family; Chase, 7, has autism, and needs it to function well. But their routine changed drastically when they woke up one morning and smelled gas.

Judge mulling sentence for New Mexico teen who killed family

The fate of a New Mexico teenager who killed five family members in 2013 is in the hands of a judge

Scientist announce gravitational waves, hailed greatest discovery of the decade

Anytime a scientific discovery is called the greatest of the decade, it's a big deal. Scientists from the group known as LIGO are saying they've found proof of Gravitational Waves, something Einstein predicted 100 years ago but never thought would be detected. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

World Powers Try To Work Out Pause In Syrian Fighting

The U.S. and Russia are among the world powers attempting to negotiate a cease-fire in the Syrian civil war. They're hoping for a deal soon.

Latest Hair Trend Features Unicorn Horn

A mythical creature is inspiring the latest hairstyle.

Congress bans import of forced labor products

Trade bill heading to Obama includes provision aimed at banning imports of products of forced and child labor

Gas leak forces kids to leave home, school

As hard as it has been for the adults who live in Porter Ranch to uproot their lives, it's been even harder on the children, who have been forced to change schools and live out of a hotel.

10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today

Do Cubans Care About Religious Visit?

Will Grant asked Cubans what they made about the upcoming historic meeting between Russian Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis

"E! News" Hits New York Fashion Week!

Don't miss a minute of E!'s coverage of 2016 New York Fashion Week weeknights at 7 and 11pm on "E! News."

S. Korea shuts down joint industrial park with N. Korea

Under the gaze of armed soldiers, large white trucks streamed across the world's most armed border Thursday as South Korean workers began shutting down a jointly run industrial park in North Korea