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Attorney: Officer was 'in fear for his life'

Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

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WATCH: Gina Rodriguez Punched James Corden In The Face

Gina Rodriguez can really pack a punch, and she proved it to James Corden during her appearance on "The Late Late Show."

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Teen charged as adult in Philadelphia trooper shooting

Teen charged as an adult in Philadelphia traffic stop that ended with state trooper shot

Police Say 91-Year-Old Man Found Dead In Burned Home Was Shot Prior To Fire

Early Monday morning, authorities in Detroit responded to reports of a house fire, and inside they found the body of a 91-year-old man. They believe the blaze was started to cover up other crimes.

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Can a photograph change the world?

Photojournalists Eros Hoagland and Donna Ferrato speak with Christiane Amanpour about their work and the new mini-series, "Conflict."

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American Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Tampa

American Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Tampa shortly after taking off

Hunting for Einstein's Missing Waves

An experiment in Italy seeks to find Albert Einstein's last great prediction - gravitational waves.

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Operator of hotel attacked in Mali vows to re-open soon

Operator of hotel attacked in Mali vows to re-open 'as soon as possible'

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Bush on downed jet: Russia invaded Turkish airspace

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush tells CNN that he believes Russia invaded Turkish airspace and that he supports the country's right to "self-defense."

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Rams WR Stedman Bailey Critical But Stable After Shooting

The St. Louis Rams wide receiver was reportedly sitting in a car with four other people when another car drove up and someone opened fire.

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The Latest: Funeral planned for black man killed by police

The Latest: Amid protests, funeral planned for black man killed by Minneapolis police

Baby Whales Facing Increasing Attacks By Gulls

A recent study of whales around Argentina’s Península Valdés has found that mothers and especially their calves have been coming under increasing attack by kelp gulls which nip away at the flesh on their backs.

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Kerry says Mideast violence could 'spin out of control'

Kerry: Mideast violence could 'spin out of control' without immediate steps to ease tensions

Jeb Bush: It's right for Chicago cop to be charged

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush tells CNN the Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black teen was appropriately charged.

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Trial postponed for ex-cop in 2013 Virginia on-duty shooting

Trial postponed for former police officer charged with murder in 2013 on-duty shooting

On the Trail of Einstein's Last Mystery

It is 100 years since Albert Einstein predicted them but where are the Universe's gravitational waves?

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Sweden's King wants to ban baths

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden wants to ban baths. OK not exactly but he wants the people of Sweden to think about how they're treating the Earth. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Romania suspends emergency chiefs after nightclub fire

Romanian emergency officials over nightclub fire in which 60 people died

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Russia: Pilot has been rescued

The second pilot of the Russian jet that was shot down by Turkey is safe, according to the Russian Defense ministry. CNN's Becky Anderson reports.

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YouTube Kids Upsets Advocacy Groups ... Again

Two children advocacy groups filed complaints against YouTube Kids for junk food ads.

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Chicago awaits more protests over police shooting

With officer charged and video released, Chicago awaits more protests of police shooting