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White House jumper charged with 'unlawful entry'

Authorities say a man draped in an American flag climbed the White House fence while the Obamas were inside. CNN's Joe Johns has more.

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The UK Thinks It Found The Rocket NASA Was Looking For

UK officials think they've found part of an American rocket. NASA has been trying to find debris since a SpaceX cargo rocket blew up over the summer.

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The Latest: Record rains lead to flooding in North Texas

The Latest: 1 person missing after record rains flood Dallas-Fort Worth area

The Grand Canyon Town That Still Gets Its Mail By Mule

There’s a town in the continental U.S. that Smithsonian.com has called the “most remote” of all, as evidenced by its mail delivery system which still relies on mules.

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Reporter mocked by Trump says the 2 knew each other well

Trump denies knowing the disabled reporter he mocked; man says that's not so

Sister of Bataclan attacker: It's like it's not him

The sister of one of the three attackers who blew themselves up in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris tells CNN she didn't see any signs her brother, Samy Amimour would act that way. CNN's Hala Gorani reports.

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Man charged after Thanksgiving lockdown at White House

Secret Service: Man charged after jumping White House fence draped in American flag

'My Gender Has Helped Me'

The ICC's prosecutor Fatou Bensouda speaks to the BBC's Zeinab Badawi about her justice, gender and race.

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The Latest: German authorities arrest arms dealer suspect

The Latest: German authorities arrest arms dealer suspect reportedly linked to Paris attacks

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Is that Tom Brady in a turkey suit?

New England Patriots NFL star Tom Brady gave his kids an odd Thanksgiving surprise.

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Hollande At Memorial: France Sticks To Its Principles

On Friday morning, France held a ceremony to remember the 130 victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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The Latest: March planned along Michigan Avenue in Chicago

The Latest: Protest march planned along Michigan Avenue in Chicago amid Black Friday shopping

10 Extraordinary Fossil Discoveries

Here are 10 extraordinary ancient animal fossils.

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Carson visiting Syrian refugees in Jordan

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson visiting Syrian refugees in Jordan

Debris from SpaceX explosion found 4,000 miles away

An unmanned SpaceX rocket on a resupply mission to the International Space Station exploded minutes after its launch. SpaceX said that an "anomaly" had caused the rocket to fail.

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New normal: US police respond to harsh reality of extremism

Paris attacks drive home harsh realities of extremism for US police and civilians alike

Russians Tell Turks: We're Abandoning Your Beaches

Russians vow to stop going to Turkey on holiday in revenge for downed plane.

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Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram bombing hits Shiite procession

Suspected Boko Haram suicide bombing hits Shiite procession in Nigeria; organizer says 15 dead

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Lindsey Vonn: I still love Tiger Woods

Ahead of the World Cup in Vail, Colorado, skier Lindsey Vonn talks to Alpine Edge host Christina Macfarlane about love after Tiger Woods, her future and pizza.

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Jimmy Fallon Pens Thank You Notes To Terrible Thanksgiving Traditions

This year for Thanksgiving, Jimmy Fallon penned some thank you cards we all we wish we could write.

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Oregon firefighters rescue owl tangled in fishing line

Oregon firefighters rescue owl tangled in fishing line; bird resting at rehabilitation center