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Police release video of Chicago police shooting

Chicago police have released dashcam video showing the 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.

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How Syrian Refugees Get To The US

The Syrian refugees entering the U.S. navigate a long process with many obstacles. A refugee resettlement expert walks us through it.

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Lights out leaves cold, boredom for 20,000 in Washington

Lights out leaves cold and boredom for 20,000 without power for a week in Washington state

8-Year-Old Battling Rare Breast Cancer

An 8-year-old in Utah has been diagnosed with secretory carcinoma, a breast cancer that’s rare among adult women, and unheard of in girls of that age.

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Justices asked to block Native Hawaiian election vote count

Supreme Court asked to block vote counting in Native Hawaiian election

Why so many female meteorologists have this $23 dress

Why are TV meteorologists all wearing the same dress on air? CNN's Jeanne Moos addresses the mystery of "The Dress."

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Police: Newborn left in Christmas nativity manger at church

Police searching for person who left newborn baby in nativity manger at New York City church

Conservation's 'Gadget Man'

Meet the RSPB's 'gadget man' who builds devices to help conservation scientists gather data.

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Stories of those who died in the Paris attacks

Stories of those who died in the Paris attacks

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Moments from the Medal of Freedom ceremony

Director Steven Spielberg and baseball legend Willie Mays were just a few of the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients honored at the White House.

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Video Of Laquan McDonald Shooting Released By Chicago Police

Chicago authorities have made video of a police shooting publicly available. The officer involved is being charged with murder.

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California man charged with child's decade-delayed death

California jail inmate charged with child's decade-delayed 'shaken baby' death

Paul Krugman Tried To Lighten Terrorism Column With Cat Pic

Renowned economist Paul Krugman’s recent New York Times column on terrorism has been getting extra attention because he decided to include a humorously doctored image of a white cat sitting amongst the president and senior White House officials as they watched the raid on Osama bin Laden.

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Clinton: Saying 'illegal immigrants' was poor word choice

Clinton says use of term 'illegal immigrants' was a 'poor choice of words' she won't repeat

Tunisia investigating bus blast as terror attack

Tunisian officials are looking into whether the bus blast that killed at least 15 people was a terrorist attack. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

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The Latest: Mayor, police urge calm ahead of video release

The Latest: Chicago mayor, police superintendent urge calm ahead of releasing video

When Anwar Met Malala

A terminally ill teenage boy from Pakistan has been flown to the UK to fulfil his dying wish to meet the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai.

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Explosion hits bus carrying presidential guards in Tunis

Explosion hits bus carrying presidential guards in Tunisian capital; at least 11 dead

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New ISIS propaganda video taunts U.S. and allies

Analysts are worried that ISIS's sophisticated propaganda videos will make it easier than ever to recruit new followers. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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How Sean Connery Inspired Carly Simon's Solo Career

In her new book, Carly Simon claims that Sean Connery asked her and her sister Lucy to have a threesome in 1965, though he was married at the time.

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Man gets life sentence in Texas 'stand your ground' retrial

Man gets life imprisonment for neighbor's death in retrial of Texas 'stand your ground' case